Happy Birthday, Greg Kasavin!

#101 Posted by DarkHomer (69 posts) -

i'm only a few days late, its still good! Happy birthday greg!

#102 Posted by Pibo47 (3166 posts) -

Keep rocking Greg, happy b-day and keep making great C&C's!

#103 Posted by FluxCapacitor (40 posts) -
GregK said:
"Thank you guys for the well-wishes. At GameSpot, I used to think our readers' memories were pretty short on average, and that typical review-score controversies or staff departures or other things of that nature tended to be forgotten about in six months flat. So I'm flattered you still remember my work considering it's been a little while now. Hopefully I haven't been wasting my time since I moved on to the development side of things."
I think a speak for a lot of users when I say how influential you were to me.  More so than just a game reviewer, I looked up to you. And you should definitely not sell yourself short. Even though the average Gamespot user might not know or remember you (in my opinion due to the average age of the users) there are still tons of people who have fond memories of your time as a reviewer. You were and are my favorite reviewer, and, in my opinion, elevated the reviewing process of games. Gamespot (under your helm) helped game reviews achieve a sophistication normally reserved for movies or art.

So basically, you rock. Best of wishes and I hope we see more of you (like on the giantbombcast!).
#104 Posted by Kowalski (262 posts) -
MB said:
"Happy Birthday dude...Jeff, you guys should have Greg as a guest on a future Bombcast, that would be awesome."
I have never gotten an erection from anything other than girls, and more girls, but that might be the moment  where it all comes crashing down...
#105 Posted by Cirdain (3233 posts) -
KillaMaStA said:
"Happy B-day !
#108 Posted by MattyFTM (14457 posts) -

Any minute now we're going to get people posting "Happy birthday Greg", without reading that this is over 2 months old.

#109 Posted by OmegaPirate (5522 posts) -

*braces for impact* :D come on matty- ive been wathcing since this threrad was re-opened in the hope that people would do that- youve gone and told em all now :P

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