How good was greg at fighting games?

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I remember during one of the episodes of getting to know gamespot aaron thomas asked one of the staff who he thot was the best at video games and he said greg and jeff were both the best at fighting games...

but i remember during Greg's sendoff on On the Spot jeff totally destroyed him in Tekken Dark Resurrection

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I remember watching him fight against the computer on Street Fighter 2, and he was certainly pretty good, and guess who he was fighting? Sagat! He's very broken in SF2, and his A.I spams Tiger moves like there's no tomorrow. He was able to beat him pretty easily.

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Yer I think greg was a street fighter sort of kid and I think Jeff has always been a huge fan of tekken. But I'm sure that both of them could kick my ass in any fighting game.

BTW how long untill tekken 6, I really want that game

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