Ok I'll bite. What's your favorite Greg kasavin review?

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#51 Posted by Stange (18 posts) -
piecat said:
"Nearly all of his reviews are extremely well written and accurate. The only two I disagree with are MGS3 (too low) and PDZ (far too high)."
I think the thing about PDZ was that for a launch game it was actually pretty dam good. Its co-op was imaginative what with its split paths (something you still don't see in co-op games very often) and its graphics were impressive when it was first released, I mean, I don't think I've seen any other games on the 360 use parallax mapping other than PDZ.
#52 Posted by imayellowfellow (558 posts) -

ninja gaiden or doom 3 those were both fun to watch

#53 Posted by PlatypusPlatoon (97 posts) -
#55 Posted by hazelnutman (1097 posts) -


He put that beautiful music in the background on his video review.

#56 Posted by Terrell (417 posts) -

Perfect Dark Zero, and the Condemned one was good too...

#57 Posted by Peter_J (151 posts) -

That fire alarm in the oblivion marathon was the best.

#58 Posted by VoDrackus (15 posts) -

The Oblivion and Ninja Gaiden reviews stand out the most for me.

Everything he did showed how much he loves and knows games.

My next favorite reviewer after him is Jeff.

#59 Posted by AaronBelfast (1491 posts) -

MGS2 springs to mind.

#60 Posted by banned8921 (1246 posts) -

arcanum by far i havent watched em all though.

#61 Posted by Stange (18 posts) -

Wow thanks for posting that real life review link!

#62 Posted by Kowalski (262 posts) -

Greg has done some sweet reviews during his time, but Metroid Prime takes the cake, followed by Ninja Gaiden. It might have something to do with Metroid Prime being my favorite game of the last console generation.

Greg's MP video review is the greatest ever made. No contest!


"I miss Greg. ;(
Don't we all? He's a Legend.

#63 Posted by Dragonseer (107 posts) -

My favourite video review of his was definately Condemned for the Xbox 360.  Seeing him go nuts at the end was priceless.

#64 Posted by Knives (711 posts) -

Morrowind and Metroid Prime.

#65 Edited by elbow (368 posts) -

I'm gonna go with his MGS2: Sons of Liberty review. He was a lot of words most of the time and kept saying subtly 'BEST FUCKING GAME OUT THERE. GET IT!!!"

#66 Edited by Terrell (417 posts) -
#67 Posted by SSbabel (1141 posts) -

Greg's Oblivion review, i know he didnt dress up, which was always dope but he summed up just how amazing this game is. On top of the review that gamep[ay session he did was fukn ace, cheers Greg for all the dope vids.

#68 Posted by Terrell (417 posts) -

Oh I forgot! His Devil May Cry 3 review! That was great, it made me realize that I was special for beating that game on Dante Must Die! :)

#69 Posted by Black_Rose (7785 posts) -
#70 Posted by SBYM (1219 posts) -
@RWHC said:
My favorite Greg Kasavin review?

Good lord. That is fantastic.
#71 Posted by Bucketdeth (8048 posts) -

I loved his Guild Wars review, that was awesome, he pumped me up for that game so much and it was well worth it.

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