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I just started watching The Guild over again (I forgot to go back after Ep. 2; it's easier), and I noticed a Greg Kasavin was credited as "Key PA" on the first ep.  Is that the same Greg, or a coincidence?

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Yeah!  Just saw this too.  Did a Google search for "greg kasavin the guild" and this thread turned up.  Anybody know more?

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I guess this mystery shall forever be a mystery.
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I'm led to believe it is the same Greg Kasavin, I think he was some Production Assistant or something.

EDIT: CitizenKane beat me to that bombshell.
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I have never really got into the show before and Greg is still my favorite reviewer, I should go check it out.

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I'm usually too busy watching Felicia to notice anything else but I did happen to see Greg's name. As Kane said above, yup it's him. Pretty damn awesome.

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Season 1 episode 4 (Cheeseybeards) about 2 minutes 45ish seconds in :) 
I found this thread because I noticed someone looking alot like Greg sitting behind the asian one (the show is new to me so no idea what theire all called). Anyway, did a google of "greg kasavin the guild" and found this thread.  
He is reading a menu in the shots where she deflects Zaboo adressing her. 
EDIT: After writing this I found someone had already posted a snap of it and posted it:    

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