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Greg is a pirate captain and leader of the pirates stationed in the hidden valley of Jharkendar.

Digging up Greg's treasure.
He appears in the Gothic II addon Night of the Raven.

When the Nameless Hero first meets Greg, he is trying to figure out a way to get inside the city, as he is a wanted man there (or so he claims).
Some time after, Greg is hiring the Nameless Hero to recover his old treasure which he buried away on the island, cleverly marked with an 'X'.
Greg also seems to show some interest towards a mysterious fellow called Dexter.

Greg is not seen again until the Nameless Hero tries to sneak into his hut at the Pirate encampment, were Greg catches him red-handed in the process of stealing a bandits armor.
He then puts the Nameless Hero to the task of ridding the canyon of "some dangerous creatures" that have been spotted not far from the encampment.
Greg agrees to let the Nameless Hero take a few of his boys along for the ride.

Greg after taking on a camp of bandits.
As a returning favor he gives the Nameless Hero the bandit armor, along with one last request: To find out what his former accomplice is up to.
If the Nameless Hero succeeds in killing Raven, Greg will hand out a reward of 1000 gold pieces and compliment the Hero's style.

Greg's personality is something worth mentioning in that his attempts at being polite usually comes off sounding more like a threat.
He address the Nameless Hero as "Sir" in the beggining of the game, revealing that it's not his preferred method of communication.
He then starts to treat the Nameless Hero more like an errand boy.
Later, he address the Hero with more loose, grudgingly admitting that he has started to respect the guy.

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