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Hope you enjoy your stay, it might be a long one

Gregory Horror Show for the Playstation 2 is based on the Japanese anime of the same name, hence the game's unique look and sense of humor.

In the game you play either as a boy or girl trapped in a mysterious dimension and the only way out is to capture all the souls from the other guests staying at the Gregory Hotel.

Now the game can best be described as a kinda peculiar stealth game: In order to steal the souls you'll have to learn the other guests daily routines and personalities, so you get to know their weaknesses and thereby giving you the chance to create a situation, where they are vulnerable and you easily can grab the soul. You do that by spying on them or eavesdropping, but you'll have to be careful that they don't spot you or they will run away. But here comes the tricky part: as you progress in the game and collect more and more souls, the cast of characters will become gradually hostile to you as you continue on your journey and if they catch you... you will get to experience the horrible GREGORY HORROR SHOW! (cue thunder).

One of the hotel's more unpleasant guests.

The Gregory Horror Show segment of the game plays into the game's sanity system: you will have to stay sane through the whole experience or else you will go INsane and get trapped in Gregory Hotel for all enternity and thereby lose the game. You keep yourself sane by going to sleep, eating different herbs, yes this game is developed by Capcom, and avoid the hostile guests that are keen on revenge after you stole their soul, which gets increasingly difficult to avoid as the cast of characters and souls to steal slowly increases over the course of the game.

Now Gregory Horror Show is by no means a masterpiece: the gameplay can become extremely monotonous as it basically never changes through the entire game and if you add the increasing difficulty, which can be quite a pain in the ass at times, seing as you are completely defenseless against the guests and your only option is to run and hope they don't catch you, even navigating around the hotel can become quite a chore at times.

Gregory Horror Show is a game that survives because of it's quirky setting and cast of characters, weird edgy humor, including a couple of porn jokes, yep you read that correctly, charming look and a strange atmosphere like nothing else on the market.

Anyways I'm glad I got to experience this strange/dark/edgy little gem back in the day and it will always hold a special place in my heart as one of my favorite Playstation 2 games of all time.


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