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A Grenade tag or Frag tag is a type of attack that has a player stick either a smoke grenade or an explosive grenade to an enemy. The attack is a regular occurrence in Gears of War and is debated on the level of fairness. Some people frown upon the attack as being a ‘Noob kill’ and often call it ‘Fag tagging’. However the move is still used in the professional levels and is a part of any great strategy.           

To perform a grenade tag a player needs to first equip a set of grenades found throughout the level. Grenades are in every Gears of War map, but most abundant in Escalation. Two sets are always in each map designated for one set per team. When equipping the grenade you will discard your smoke grenades that you spawn with at the beginning of a round. Once you have picked up the grenades the next task is finding a victim. The object is to be as sneaky as possible. You want the element of surprise. Many people when spotted panic and try to tag their opponent anyway. This is not an advisable strategy considering the opponent has a gun and will be shooting at you, while you are only able to run. Many people run straight towards the firing enemy hoping to get off the tag before they get downed. They usually fail because if you press the melee button, which instigates a tag, and are shot during your swing, your player will be stunned and potentially be downed or killed. Any time you punch with any weapon and are shot you will be stunned for a brief period. This is why it is advisable to be as stealthy as possible. Anyway, once you have snuck up on your unsuspecting prey you want to get in melee distance. Get right next to them and press B. You will both be stunned, but your opponent will be stunned for a longer period of time (about a second longer). Now get away! Your opponent will try and kamikaze himself into you which will kill you both and he will also receive a kill. So, it is a smart plan if you tag him, roll to the nearest ‘open’ spot (preferably backwards) and hold the A button to sprint away. Ideally, you want to do his in a crowd of enemies. The grenade has a powerful blast that can kill multiple enemies at once if close enough. So, if you are lucky your opponent will roll into his group and kill more than one. It’s basically killing two birds with one stone, literally. If done correctly you will have received a kill and you will be unharmed.  

If you are trying to tag your opponent when they are aware of where you are, it is advisable to throw your first grenade at him. This will probably stun him and you can run up and tag him. It is not smart to run with him looking straight at you. More times than not, you will die.

A grenade tag with the smoke grenade is the same concept, only the move is rather pointless. This move is more a joke around the Gears community. People use it to ‘toy’ with their opponent, which is generally I sign of ‘I am better than you’. The smoke does no damage and will not kill your opponent. The smoke will stick to their body and a big cloud will follow them wherever they go.

Overall the grenade tag is a valuable skill to learn and is a great job for any teammate to have on any Gears team. It may be looked down upon if you do it too often, but it is still a great move to learn.

In the upcoming Gears of War 2, two new types of grenades will be introduced. Replacing the smoke grenade, the flash bang can be used to tag people. It has a concussive blast that will knock a player down for a short period of time. Leaving them vulnerable to attack. Another grenade is a Locust weapon that releases noxious gas that will down your player if he comes into contact for too long. It is not confirmed yet that that grenade will be "taggable" but I think it's safe to say there is a good chance.

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