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Appearance of Grendel in Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey

The hideous and brutal Grendel regularly attacked the mead-hall/fortress called Heorot, the seat of King Hrothgar's power in Denmark. None of Hrothgar's own men could stand against Grendel's hideous strength. Hearing of the terrors befalling Hrothgar's kingdom, Beowulf left what is modern day Sweden and set out to slay the beast (mostly in order to get the riches and honors Hrothgar would most certainly shower upon any individual to achieve such a feat). Beowulf successfully ambushed Grendel by pretending to be drunk and asleep, and mortally wounded him by ripping off one of his arms.

Robert Zemeckis' version

Grendel in Beowulf: The Game

The Grendel monster (brought to life by Crispin Glover) is portrayed as a very tall but horribly disfigured humanoidal character with an external eardrum. Beowulf Battles Grendel inside Heorot and finally defeats him by ripping his arm. The creature - that later turn's out to be king Hrothgar's son - shriks to the size of a man and flees to die on it's mother's arms. The computer adaptation Beowulf: The Game re-enacts the entire fight. Grende;s' dead body can be also seen in his Mother's lair.

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