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Greyfield is a power hungry commanding officer from Advance Wars: Days of Ruin. His original rank was admiral before meteors brought about the end of the world and he saw the opportunity to give himself a promotion. Now he fashions himself as a supreme commander leading his newly founded New Rubinelle Army with the intent to kill every survivor of the rival country Lazuria. It doesn't matter who lives or dies under his command as long as he gets what he wants. He's prone to giving speeches, making threats, and sending those who don't obey him straight to the gallows.


While Greyfield is busy setting himself up to be king of the world he still has plenty of combat experience to give a boost to naval units, copters, and seaplanes in his CO Zone.

CO Zone:
  • Size: 3
  • Boost: Offensive (*) and defensive (****) boost to naval units, copters, and seaplanes
  • CO Power: Supply Chain, resupplies fuel, ammo, and materials for every unit under his command


Greyfield is a driving force behind most of the conflict in Days of Ruin. His aggressive posturing is a front to hide the fact he's actually a coward who takes credit for other people's accomplishments. Early on he reorganizes the remnants of the Rubinelle military under his command and founds the New Rubinelle Army. His main objective is wiping out what's left of the Lazurian Military but is held back by General Forsythe. Eventually he talks Brenner into doing most of the fighting under the guise of bringing about peace. In reality he just wants one less obstacle from setting himself up as king of the world.

Once Forsythe is defeated Greyfield swoops in at the last second to take credit and attract the attention of Dr. Caulder. Under Greyfield's orders, Waylon executes Forsythe in cold blood and puts the rest of the Lazurian soldiers next in line for the chopping block. His mass execution is foiled when Brenner launches a rescue mission and stays behind to buy time. Outraged, Greyfield orders his men to surround Brenner and uses one of Caulder's gifts, a nuclear bomb, to get revenge.

He tries to hunt down what's left of Brenner's Wolves but between the Creeper virus ravaging the soldiers under his command and several losses, he turns to Caulder for help. He's convinced to activate a silo system that fires Caulder Missiles (more nuclear bombs) that would destroy the world twice over. The plan is brought to a halt when Brenner's Wolves launch an attack and stop the launch. Greyfield is cornered and shot by Lin in cold blood.

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