Most expensive video game special edition ever. £125,000

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That's right, if you buy the one and only special edition for Grid 2, you'll get a Briggs Mono Supercar (170 mph)

You also get the suit, a PS3 and the video game (whatevs)

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Damn is that thing even street legal?

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@marcsman said:

Damn is that thing even street legal?

I don't even have my full driver's license yet, so I dunno.

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Ya it is street legal.

In for one!

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Guy in the photo looks like he wants to die.

The life of a professional racecar driver / model.

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Guy in the photo looks like he wants to die.

The life of a professional racecar driver / model.

Jerry was a race car driver, he drove so god damned fast. He never did win no checkered flag, but he never did come in last.

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Do you get the 1000-yard stare guy, too?

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If I had Zucks bank account then why not.

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Pre Ordered that shit at gamestop.

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That's flipping awesome. Marketing success.

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That's a hell of a special edition, all right. Bravo to whoever pulled that together.

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I have a couple of friends who work at BAC, it's a really small company, like less than 10 people small. It's awesome they are getting out there with all sorts of promotional stuff for games and things.

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Capitalism ho!

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Let me get this straight: you pay £125,000 (= $189,287, €146,136) for this "special edition" that includes a car, a racing suit and the PS3 copy of the game? Not the PC version? Fuck the car. You're getting a rotten deal.

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@sharkman: That it is good sir, that it is. Album: Sailing the Seas of Cheese, Song: Jerry Was a Race Car Driver.

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What the hell?

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