Grid sequel in the works at Codemasters it seems

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Nice to know that there will probably be a new Grid game in the works.  Sure, it wasn't really innovative when it came out, but it felt like such a solid racing game, with a great racing atmosphere that I consider it to be an under-appreciated gem.  However, I hope that they learned a few lessons from Grid, and hope to see a few things resolved:

  • It might just be the PC version, but the rearview mirrors and side mirrors in the cars reflected back a low-polygonal and low-texture version of the track environment and opposing cars in the race.  That bothered me, as it was inconsistent with the wonderful quality of the in-game graphics
  • Pole position laps - Being able to score the top position in the starting grid would be a great addition, as I was annoyed that regardless of my reputation or massive winning streaks, I was still placed at the lower end of the grid spectrum.  Sometimes I get into the top 5 positions, but I did not feel like I had influenced the placement
  • Better car physics - honestly this is debatable, but it wouln't hurt to implement more realistic car movement.  The idea was to bring the sense of speed and risk back into racing, and Grid certainly did that, but the main complaint by many players was that the car that they choose to drive for the most part did not turn as accurately as they probably should have been, resulting in players entering corners incorrectly, and having to adjust to driving in a manner that might not be realistic to the car driven.  Then again, I believe the intent of this game was not to be another Gran Turismo or Forza, and just have the player focusing on driving in an exciting race, and in my opinion they did not disappoint there.
There may be a few other points to make, but I can't think of them at the moment.  What are your thoughts on this fellow Giant Bombers?
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If it's true, then I'm psyched - LOVE the recent Codemasters racing games.  Personally I can see why someone would want the car physics to be tweaked but I'd rather not them change that too much, maybe tighten it up like Codemasters did to Dirt 2 after the original.  The fast-paced, floaty, arcade style of racing where you barely had to brake was what made the actual racing of Grid such a thrill; the game delivered a sense of speed and terror that hardcore sims like GT and Forza seem to completely forget about.  
Simply put, if I'm driving a friggen' Ferrari, I better be cursing under my breath every turn thinking I'm going to kill myself.  I felt that more with Grid then any other racing game this generation.

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Well I really like grid for what it was, i'll be looking forward to the sequel. The mirror was annoying though.

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Great to hear. Dirt 2 was great.

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Great, I love all the Codemasters racing games, and I enjoy track racing more than dirt racing.  So if they can take all the goodness of Dirt 2 and make it GRID-ey, that'll be great.

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