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4.56 stars 4.56/5 Stars Average score of 9 user reviews spread across 26 releases and 1 DLC

Quite simply the best racing game ever made! 0

   Nowdays there are two racing games series which are really worthy to be called "car racing games". One is SimBin's GTR/ Race series. The other one was the Colin McRae series, property of Codemasters. After Colin McRae died last year, it was obvious that DiRT, the new Colin McRae game, would also be the last. So that's how an extreamly successful & great racing series had ended. The big surprise was Need for Speed ProStreet turn into a solit & enjoyable racing sim,& then I said tha...

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Racers don't come much better than this. 0

This is a top notch racing game which doesn't take itself too seriously. I am a member of several sim racing communities where most of them hate it because of its inaccuracy of tracks and physics, but you have to be really anal to care. the graphics are incredible, quite easily the best looking racer on the 360. Whats really worth mentioning though is the deformation of cars and circuits, codemasters have built an amazing engine where everything is destructable, and it works perfectly. So in a r...

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GRiD 1

For those unfamiliar to the Race Driver series, you've probably missed out on one of the most pure racing series in the industry over the years.  While Codemasters has struggled time and time again to bring the franchise to the mainstream and bust away from their indie roots, there just didn't seem to be a way for the company to push it past a niche audience.  Once they dropped the Colin McRae name from its rally series and slapped Dirt real big on the cover, however, it seemed all the Race Driv...

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GRID Reviewed 1

SUMMARY: Though extremely challenging to casual players, GRID is rewarding and brings the fun back to sim racers.Highlights: Fun, competitive racing; Wide variety of race types; Excellent damage modeling; Team racing; Sponsor goals; Customizable voice overLowpoints: Hard; Driving model is a little too responsive for a sim; Very high learning curve; Repetitive voice over at times; Limited painting options<img src="" wid...

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GRID 'First Play' Review 0

Having demoed this game on the PC, I knew it had something special to offer. However at the time, and in fact currently, my PC isn't up to spec for providing smooth gameplay. So when I chanced into XBOX 360 ownership recently I saw a chance to enjoy this game.Grabbing a pre-owned copy from the local GAME store I booted up the 'box and got stuck into the game. I wasn't let down from my initial playthough on the PC. The feelings of speed in the game is really very good indeed, and the pre-race 'be...

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arbayer2 Reviews: Race Driver Grid (PC) 0

I originally saw Race Driver: Grid on YouTube. Much like many modern gamers, its uncountable number of Let's Plays and playthroughs showed me at the time that it was one of the most immersive racing games I could get for the PC. Needless to say, I eventually broke down and bought it. This review is solely the experience I've had after having played it (when I could) over the past few years.(If you're wondering about the (relatively extremely short) hour count I have on the Steam version, most of...

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Racecar go Vroom 0

Grid features beautiful presentation and excellent, responsive driving controls that scale from mindlessly-satisfying arcade style to realistic brutality.  The career mode is a shining example of how to give players the freedom to choose the activities they want to play while still rewarding risk taking and giving a framework for the on track action.  Each event brings up a difficulty menu that encourages you to ramp up the challenge by rewarding you with more advancement points by turning off c...

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Racedriver Grid 0

Computer: Own constructed/picked up parts low budget comp!  (400€ w\o screen & keyboard + mouse).AMD ATHLON 64 X2 5400+ AM2, 2GB of DDR2, 320GB HDD and a Radeon HD 3650 PCI-E 512 Mt.Soo it works rather nicely with most settings maxed, except for few little details as trees, bloom (hate bloom anyways) and lowered a-aliasing. Anyways, it looks Beautiful...!!!The game's driving-feel and handling is pretty awesome after you've played few laps, so it's very easy to adopt the game feeling. I just ...

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Grid: a game for folks who like to drive into stuff...alot. 0

Let's get this outta the way...i fell for this game after my first online race where i came from last place to win, and got the "beat codies" achievement denoting i beat a developer first time out. that said i'm a forza fan. i'm all about customizations, and online auctions, and sim racing styles. i really didn't know what i was going to think of grid...and then i got my first 50x drift multiplier. this game is extremely exhiliarating. the races are intense, and will always have y...

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