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Racers don't come much better than this.

This is a top notch racing game which doesn't take itself too seriously. I am a member of several sim racing communities where most of them hate it because of its inaccuracy of tracks and physics, but you have to be really anal to care. the graphics are incredible, quite easily the best looking racer on the 360. Whats really worth mentioning though is the deformation of cars and circuits, codemasters have built an amazing engine where everything is destructable, and it works perfectly. So in a race, a car might clip a tyre barrier and lose some bodywork, the bodywork and tyres would be strewn across the track for the rest of the race. It works really well and makes it stand out from the crowd from racers like Forza and Gran Turismo. 

Lasting impressions: A Classic racer. It ain't no Gran Turismo, but thats the best part about it.

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