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Grimm is bullish to a fault but somehow caring all the same. All much as he'd like for the team to have a plan, he is not willing to stew around until one is drawn up. He is usually the impetus to assault, even more so than Max (who became way more docile in Dual Strike than he used to be). Grimm is hard to use because of the possibility of catastrophic failure in over extension or falling into setups, but that risk is tied directly into his style and makes him an amusing choice as a result.

In-game Description

A Yellow Comet CO with a dynamic personality. Could care less about the details. Nicknamed "Lightning Grimm." Firepower of all units is increased, thanks to his daredevil nature, but their defense is a little weak.

Gameplay Effects

Dual Strike

  • 30% firepower bonus for all units.
  • 20% defense penalty for all units.
  • CO Power: Knuckleduster. Three stars. Firepower bonus increases to 60% and defense penalty is reduced to 10%.
  • Super CO Power: Haymaker. Six stars. Firepower bonus increases to 90% and defense penalty is reduced to 10?
  • Tag Team Attack Modifiers: Sasha, 105%. Javier, 105%. Sensei, 110%. Von Bolt, 90%.

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