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Zelda scolds Groose for bullying Link
Zelda scolds Groose for bullying Link

Before Link started participating in the Wing Ceremony, Groose and his gang steals Link's Loftwing. In the main town area, Groose and his gang accidentally blurt out about the whereabouts of Link's Loftwing. When Link comes by, Groose starts to insult Link for making the knights look bad until Zelda arrives to the scene. Zelda tells Groose to back off, and Groose's nose starts steaming once he sees how pretty Zelda is. He and his gang leap onto their Loftwing. Once Link claims his Loftwing and after Zelda leaves Link in the plaza, Groose starts insulting Link's manhood. He comments that Link cannot do things without Zelda's help. Then, Groose states that he will claim that sailcloth from Zelda and that Zelda and he will have a special moment alone. Unbeknownst to Groose, Zelda overhears Groose's ambitions and demands an explanation. Groose quickly makes up a lie and leaves the scene. During the Wing Ceremony race, Groose and his gang try to prevent Link from capturing the golden bird by resorting to dirty tricks such as chucking eggs. After the events of Zelda's disappearance, Groose is seen moping in his room with Cawlin looking after him. When Link attempts dive towards Sacred Grounds for the second time after searching for Zelda in three areas, Groose follows Link. He grabs Link and pulls him down. On the ground, Groose is amazed with the scenery and the birds. He named this land, Grooseland, and he goes off to find the old lady.

Groose and his Groosenator
Groose and his Groosenator

In the old temple, Groose is angry with the old lady when she says it's only Link's destiny to save Zelda. He sees Link and finds the talks of destiny and Link being the great hero unbelievable. He storms off. When the Imprisoned boss starts to awaken for the second time, Groose observes Link taking down the boss. Impressed with Link's bravery, Groose realizes that Link is a hero who is destined to save Zelda. The elderly woman reassures Groose that he has a role to help both Zelda and Link. When Imprisoned rises for the third time, Groose assists Link with his catapult called the Groosenator. With the Groosenator, Groose can blast Imprisoned with bombs and knocking him down, so Link is attack the slab on the beast's head. Though, Imprisoned sprouts wings and soars towards the top. Groose has Link catapulted towards Imprisoned which allows Link to defeat the beast one more time.

Groose saves Zelda
Groose saves Zelda

After Link has destroyed Imprisoned by slamming it with the Isle of the Goddess, Groose welcomes Zelda and Link in the temple. Things are looking good until Ghirahim attacks. Stopping Ghirahim from kidnapping Zelda, Groose attempts to block him from the portal of time only to get kicked by Ghirahim. After Link goes into the past and defeats Ghirahim, Groose runs to catch Zelda who falling in the sky. With the defeat of Demise by the hands of Link, Groose, Zelda, and Link return to their time where Groose learns that the old lady is Impa herself. He is sadden when his beloved "Grannie" disappears before his eyes. Afterwards, Link and Zelda decide to remain behind; along with Cawlin and Strich, Groose bid Link and Zelda farewell as he heads back to Skyloft.


When you see Zelda, tell her I said "What's up?"

— Groose telling Link

Groose is one of the few characters in Skyward Sword to have a character evolution. At first, he is an obnoxious person who wants Link out of his way, so he can be with Zelda. Before the Wing Ceremony, he and his gang sabotage Link's chance. He often picks Link who he deems unworthy of Zelda. After the 2nd Imprisoned fight, Groose sees that the elderly woman (Impala) is right about how Link is the destined hero who will save Zelda. He first vents his frustrations, but when the 3rd Imprisoned fight occurs, he has make up his resolve in helping Link. He aids Link in the fight. Even though he knows Zelda and Link are meant to be, he is still good friends with the two.


Groose is a tall individual with a suave, red pompadour. His skin color is slightly tanned, and his eye color is yellow. His attire composes of a dark yellow shawl that covers the upper half of his blue tunic. His pants has a unique orange design on the front. In addition, he wears fingerless gloves and boots.


  • In Groose's room, a punching bag is seen with a crude drawing of Link.
  • Like many Skyloft characters, his name is based on a bird's name. In Groose's case, it refers to a female waterfowl's name.

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