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The Growlanser franchise is a series of JRPGs that are a mixture between a real-time and turn-based strategy game. The series was created by Career Soft, who had previously developed the Langrisser franchise, and published by Atlus. Similar to Langrisser the artwork and character designs for the Growlanser series was also done by famed artist Satoshi Urushihara.

The Growlanser franchise currently consists of six main titles, two compilation, and several ports/spin-offs however outside of Japan the series has had a spotty and financially unsuccessful release history. Growlanser II & III were released by Working Designs as a collection named Growlanser Generations which was a financial failure that lead to the publisher closing its doors in 2005. Growlanser V was released in 2007 by Atlus USA which also failed to meet sales expectations. Despite Growlanser's irregular releases in the West a dedicated fan base has formed around the series and perhaps because of this Atlus USA gave the franchise another chance by releasing the PSP port of Growlanser IV in 2012. Now a majority of the main entries in the franchise are available in English with the only exceptions being Growlanser I & VI.

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