The fourth orb...

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...would make a good Breaking Brad video.

Not that masocore platformers don't have their place in society, but that's an hour I'd rather not repeat. My dualshock now holds enough beads of sweat and flakes of skin to successfully clone me.

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Once you have it down though, it's such a great feeling. When I got the orbs again in hard mode, I think that section took me around 4 minutes.

#3 Posted by EvilNiGHTS (1093 posts) -

My mistake, it's actually the fifth orb that was the awful one.

My first time around on the actual fourth orb was pretty hard, but it was because I didn't have all the abilities. After asking around and finding out I wasn't ready for it yet, I left it for a while and the second attempt turned out to be a breeze. Kind of.

But yes, the fifth one is a real bastard. Also think it's odd that the penultimate screen of that is probably the hardest thing in the game, making the screen after that ridiculously easy in comparison.

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