Will the Symphony of the Night fan enjoy this?

#1 Posted by Devil240Z (4030 posts) -

As a massive SOTN fan will I get anything from this game? I don't really have any interest in the luchador aspect of it. Then again I don't really care about vampires.

#2 Posted by gerrid (402 posts) -

I would say yes, although it depends how interested you are in combo-based combat, because that's quite different from Castlevania.

The basic gameflow is the same as SoTN, with a world opening up as you get new abilities, secrets to find, enemies to beat up, bosses. It's really funny, lovely visuals and I personally found the combat a lot of fun.

#3 Posted by hollitz (2110 posts) -

The humor is a little hit or miss and the combat may be a little too deep for its own good. But it's a fun game and the art style is gorgeous.

#4 Posted by noizy (848 posts) -
@hollitz said:

combat may be a little too deep for its own good.

Yea. Shifting world to do a specific coloured power move while a clock is ticking on enemies before they blow up in a locked room. It frustrated me. It's not really that hard, but it wasn't fun, and it wasn't the kind of game where I felt the urge to master.

I'd be cautious if you need a SOTN fix, you might be disappointed. God that game was good.

#5 Posted by crithon (3549 posts) -

Yes, it's more Metroid then Castlevania's item and weapon drops and RPG design. The joy of castlevania games are like leveling up a Pie and using that as a weapon to defeat the final boss. Guacamelee has an excellent combat, excellent platforming, fun puzzles and just a pure joy of a game.

#6 Posted by csl316 (11206 posts) -

Sure, it's fun and stuff. Not amazing, but I enjoyed my time with it.

#7 Posted by UlquioKani (1289 posts) -

Hard but satisfying. This game requires you to be faster and more accurate with a lot of the platforming sequences than other metroidvanias. If you don't enjoy that, then you won't enjoy this. The combat is fucking great but also is tough. The phase shifting and shields take away any feeling of mashiness straight away. The combat also makes the game way more replayable as it didn't get tiring during the game and I went straight back in when I finished it.

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