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Guacamelee! Luchadoring at it's finest! 0

Metroidvanias. Luchadores. Is it a match made in heaven? Well, thanks to the fine folks at DrinkBox Studio this idea is a smash hit. Gucamelee! isn't your standard Metroidvania game. While it does have the ins and outs of the genre such as 2D side scrolling, hidden chests and of course upgrades, it also throws in a combo based brawling system. At first it'll seem as though it's lacking but as you get more abilities and head over to Combo Chicken's dojo to do tutorials you'll soon find out that i...

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More than Metroidvania: Juan & Tostada Suplex the Genre into Another Dimension 0

At first blush Guacamelee! appears to be little more than an exceptionally good-looking metroidvania, another in a long line of 2D combat-based-platformers. But it doesn't take long to realize that the mechanics are a real cut above the rest of the crowd - in fact, they are an exemplary display of fun fighting systems. If there is such a thing is 2D AAA, this is it. Borrowing just as much from games like Dust & Marvel vs. Capcom as it does Metroid, Guacamelee! has a truly exciting and refres...

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Guacamelee! 0

Guacamelee is rich on mechanics, and it only gets richer as you play. It’s a game about learning buttons, proms, patterns in the environment and enemy attacks. It’s about twitch motions, fast precise combat and even faster platfoming. Guacamelee is not a game about deep system driven gameplay. It’s not about subtle storytelling or the bigger questions in life. And it’s definitely not ashamed of this. Gaining a new ability sets the screen in a frenzy of quickly flashing bright colors, were after ...

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Guacamelee!: Super Turbo Championship Edition Review // Critique de Guacamelee!: Super Turbo Championship Edition 0

Released on : July 2nd 2014 (Originally released on April 9th 2013)Platform : Xbox One, Playstation 4, Wii U, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PS Vita and PC (Digital Only)Reviewed on : Xbox One Over a year after its original release, Guacamelee! is finally available on every major console in the form of Guacamelee!: Super Turbo Championship Edition. Having just played an incredible platforming experience in Shovel Knight (Which you can read my review on this blog), Guacamelee! had to really stand out ...

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Guacamelee Review - Video and Raw Written Review - By Fantus 0

Here is the written review or you can check out the video with pretty colours and sound below this.Guacamelee! ReviewMetroidvania games have been making a slow come back over the last few years with gamers seeking that retro feel of exploring giant labyrinth to unlock abilities to progress further in to these mazes and find all its hidden nooks and crannies.Last week another game joined the long list of successful metroidvania games called Guacamelee from st...

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Hot and Spicy! 0

Few foods can quell one’s desires like a Taco Bell combo, and like the faux-Mexican cuisine giant is apt to do, Drinkbox Studios have created a delicious new addition to their menu with Guacamelee! for PS3 and Vita.Guacamelee! is the perfect blend of spice and flavour. The game is a 2D platformer with “metroidvania” qualities – essentially a Cheesy Gordita Crunch with Metroid Prime as the flatbread, Castlevania as the hard taco, and backtracking for secrets using new abilities being the tasty l...

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A clever world burdened with a forgettable story and strange Internet memes 0

Guacamelee places you in the shoes of Juan, a humble farmer. Soon after the game starts, his village is attacked and he races to rescue his love, the local president’s daughter. He finds her in the hands of an undead skeleton named Calaca and tries to save her. This, inevitably, leads to his death. All is not lost, however; in the land of the dead, he finds a magical luchador mask that brings him back to life to fight Calaca and save the woman he holds most dear.The story really isn’t the import...

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Guacamelee!'s Gameplay Is What You Want From a Downloadable Title 0

Guacamelee! is the third game from Toronto-based developer Drinkbox Studios and is the first game that isn't part of the Tales From Space series. Much like Tales From Space, Guacamelee! has a striking art style, but that's pretty much where the similarities end.Whereas the Tales From Space games are strictly platformers, Guacamelee! is a game that smartly blends three genres into one cohesive package. There are platforming sections, much like in other Drinkbox games, but Guacamelee! also introdu...

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A great game with some occasionally frustrating boss fights 0

Guacamelee is a fun game. I have not played many "Metroidvania" games, in fact I still haven't played either Super Metroid or any Castlevania game (shame on me), but I think this game has inspired me to go back and play them. The art style and animation was a joy to look at and and when mixed with the music the games presentation was incredibly well done. The combat and platforming were fun and certainly provided a good bit of challenge in some of it's optional areas.My only real point of issue ...

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