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The Guado are a humanoid race found in Spira. They protect the afterlife, or Farplane, and the Macalania Woods. Their appearance is comparable with elves: tall people with long limbs. Another distinguishing characteristic of the Guado is their hair, which is always shaped like plants. Their hair is most commonly blue or green.  The Guado possess an ability to run at very high speeds.
The Guado were converted to Yevon by Jyscall Guado, a Maester of Yevon. Unfortunately, Seymour, Jyscall's son, exploited the true nature of Yevon (pretty damn evil) and led the world to the brink of destruction. Due to this, the Guado became despised by the other races of Spira and, depending on the player's choice, either resign themselves to die in the Macalania Woods or unite under Tromell Guado and begin a new, righteous existence.
Due to the Guado's ability to run at high speeds, they excel in blitzball. Their team, the Gaudo Glories, are part of the Spiran Blitzball League.

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