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A Guardian of Insanity is a creature progression of the prisoners that were trapped below the Spencer Estate. After being trapped in the dingy underground dungeon area's for long periods of time the prisoners became infected with what was listed as an "unidentified virus." These prisoners then began to roam the prison area's and became guards of the underground Estate. 

Understanding the form of the creature: 

The prisoners have became incredibly deformed and decayed with the infection of the unknown virus. The face has fully burned away and has been reduced to numerous burns and boils. The creature cannot see apart from the large yellow eye on the creatures large back. Take note that this is the creatures weak spot. The creature is in posession of superior strength. This is shown through the fact that the anchor is alot larger than the creature itself yet it drags it around with ease. 

Attacks List: 

 The creature's attacks are close to that of The Executioner. This is due to the two being similar in size and both drag round a large presuming weapon. 


The creature slams the large anchor down upon the character in its way, this attack will send the character into the dying sequence or (in higher difficulties) kill the player instantly.  

Swinging the Anchor

The creature will throw the anchor behing it in a swinging motion then will rear its head and swing round in a 360 degree like motion. This will again send the player into a dying sequence or kill them in higher difficulties. 

Acid Blood  
When the creature's deformed back is shot, acid blood will stream off of the creature damaging and stunning the player or character slightly.  

Grabbing a Player

If a player gets too close to The Guardian it will grab the player by the throat and hold them off the ground. The player is given no prompt or dodge warning to the attack, the player will just have to look for the signs of the attack (reaching out wildly or lowering the back) The player will then be given a small amount of time to be saved by their partner. If this does not happen The Guardian will swing the anchor upwards and thrust it into the grabbed player, instantly killing the person. 

Extra Information

The Guardian of Insanity is only seen in this DLC to date. It resembles Lisa Trevor, a character well known to Resident Evil games. Within the DLC there can be up to 11 Guardians within the game in the higher difficulties. The signs of the infection and decay witnessed from The Guardian indicate that they could have been infected with the G virus. Like The Executioner from RE5, The Guardian cannot run but can jump at great heights, putting the player under pressure due to their large size. The Guardian's weapon (The Anchor) is similar to that of The Executioner's hammer and both are used in similar motions of violently swinging it around to put off the character from running.

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