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The vendor character in the game Brutal Legend who is accessed early on the in the game and can give the main character a variety of upgrades. These upgrades include a faster car, car paint jobs, weapons for the car, different buffs for the axe and guitar, as well as new combos.

After the Titans left the realm the Guardian of Metal was given their ancient secrets and weapons to give out to those who are worthy. When Eddie Riggs arrives through the summoned Metal Forges he agrees to help Riggs. The Guardian refuses to fight in Riggs' army but agree that for certain amounts of fire tributes (the currency in Brutal Legend) he would be willing to give Riggs the ancient secrets he protects.


  • "Ah, you got some demon flesh on your bumpa, but, that's the way the world is I'm afraid."
  • "Well now, aren't YOU the cocky bastard?"
  • "The Guardian of Metal welcomes you!"
  • "The Guardian of Metal welcomes you...........again."
  • "You have interrupted the Guardian of Metal's nap!"
  • "..............................................................What is it?!?"
  • "...................You're still alive........?"
  • "Please the fuckin' Gods of Metal, man! Figure it out!"
  • "Metal, noise, blood, and fire, tell me what you most desire!"
  • "I wan't you to go fuckin' crazy out there! D'you hear me!?!?
  • "Style is important. There's no shame in looking good."

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