Matchmaking patch for 360 and PS3 plus free map comming Dec. 14th

#1 Posted by MichaelBach (884 posts) -

They are patching the versions this weekend, will be great to be able to get into some matches, here is their official announcement:!?p=7015

#2 Posted by sirdesmond (1241 posts) -

Hooray! This is good news. I really love the game, but sometimes it takes so long to get into a match (even with restarting, re-queuing, etc.) that I just go do something else instead.

I'm intrigued by the Shire map skin as well. Should be cool.

#3 Posted by MichaelBach (884 posts) -
@sirdesmond I agree. I really want to play this game but the matchmaking really kills it every time I boot it up.
#4 Posted by gerp (193 posts) -

Yeah I love the game, but holy shit it can take more then 20 mins to find a game sometimes and it really just makes me not want to play it.

#5 Posted by carnifexseverian (69 posts) -

PS3 has had the patch and map for a few days, didn't make much of a difference. The Shire skin is pretty cool. Its funny how just changing the map template makes it feel different.

I just logged on tonight & see that there is a second patch for PS3, hopefully this one fixes the matchmaking.

#6 Posted by MichaelBach (884 posts) -

Patch seems to have made the matchmaking a bit better, still not perfect though.

: I agree, nice with the Shire skin, I hope they make some more.

#7 Posted by Fearbeard (831 posts) -

Haven't noticed that much of a difference so far.

I still see disconnections every game and still need at least 10 minutes to get in a match

#8 Posted by carlos707 (31 posts) -

@Fearbeard: Exact same experience. I think I might never boot this up again.

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