This is my first MOBA, finding it curiously addictive.

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PC MOBAs I don't have the time for, and I fear the community vitriol for newbies, but I am finding GOME very accessible and fun to play. If only it didn't take between 7 and ten minutes to get into a game, I'd be much happier. There's a great variety in playstyles, some awesome ebb and flow and to have the whole thing wrapped up in LOTR clothes is just the icing on the cake.

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I'm with you. This is my first MOBA too, and find the key is the gameplay. Just fantastic gameplay that values decision making over twitch reactions. Matches are a series of decisions based on game knowledge and discipline.

My only prior knowledge of MOBA's came from limited discussions from the Bombcast, where I usually only heard about the toxic community. This game makes me want to dig into some of the big boy MOBA's once I put together my PC I'm planning on building within the next year. I'm definitely enjoying this in the meantime though.

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Seems like it would be a great entry point into the genre. LoL and Dota are no joke.

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It looks like a lot of fun, don't have time to play it sadly =(

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Try League of Legends. It's a bit less arcane in its' mechanics than DOTA2. It's free and the co-op vs. bots modes give you great exposure to the game without having to worry about people raging. If you like that enough, try stepping up to player vs player in LoL or DOTA2.

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Follow-up - I got so tired of waiting 10-15 minutes to get into a game, I contacted Sony to ask about a refund. When they asked why, I said I thought it was unreasonable to be asked to spend approximately half my playtime waiting in lobbies only to be connected to a game solely populated with A.I. Got the refund two days later - but I can still play the game which seems weird.

Such a shame because I jumped back in last night and I really enjoy the experience - I just feel I shouldn't have to keep a good book on hand for the down-time!

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I've played MOBA hybrids before, but this is my first traditional MOBA. I've had a lot of fun with it after having figured out how to play a couple of characters.

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I'm interested in MOBA's but don't have the time to really learn everything, I've been playing a ton of Awesomenauts since release and still love it. It's simple and fun, and they still update it with a new character every month.

I might check this out, the QL looked interesting but I wasn't sure if it was simple or complex at the time.

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I'm going to necro this thread, since I just got PS+ and have been playing this game a bit. I have really enjoyed it. It's totally a MOBA for people who are not willing to do serious research to be safe from flaming.

The player base seems a bit small, but you can still get a game going in a few minutes. The whole one lane thing is totally stupid thought and unfortunately many people seems to be playing that. The lack of any communication system is a bummer. It would be nice to have similar quick call out system as in DOTA2.

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Just started playing this also, and I'm having quite a bit of fun. Never played a MOBA before but have learned a fair bit through share osmosis. The disconnects are a bit annoying but they aren't too frequent so far.

Not a lot of people playing it on xbox at the moment though, haven't gotten into a match without AI controlled characters yet, it's usually a few AI's for each team.

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I've heard a lot of good things about this game, Erik Kain over at Forbes gave it favorable marks. I used to play League of Legends religiously a year and a half ago so I do have some experience with the genre. I'm also an unabated LOTR fan and I'm curious to see how much they butcher the lore (I mean that in a mostly humorous sense) to make this kind of game work story-wise.

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