worth the time?

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If you don;t know this game is currently free on PSN plus this month. I downloaded and have played a few games. I'm not sure if I should keep playing or not? The game is a fun verision of MOBA, but there are some many playable dudes. It seems easy to tell when I run into someone who has been playing alot more this game, and they destroy me seconds. I understand the thought of the more you play the better guys you can unlock and gems and commands you get. I'm just not sure I want to fight my way up the ladder. long wait times and almost a complete lack of teamwork has gotten me looking for something else after only a few games.

has anyone been playing this? Does the game get better?

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I love it personally. Now I've never played a moba so this is really my only experience with the genre. Take that how you will but I'm having a great time with the game. The shitty part is with people not really communicating much like I'm sure they do in LoL or DOTA, if you don't have people on your team who know what they're doing, there's pretty much no way to win. Even with that though my win rate isn't too bad and I'm finding characters I really like. I like the game a lot.

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The game is good enough, but the community could evaporate at any moment, so if you want to play it, now's the time.

For example, Super Monday Night Combat, another MOBA offshoot thing, had a community for about 6 months or so (longer if you go back into the closed beta). From when it launched in spring, it lasted until about like September or October, and now it's a ghost town, even though it's a perfectly good game.

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