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Developed and released by Atari, Guardians of the Hood is the successor to Pit Fighter. It retains the same visual style of digitized characters and environments of Pit Fighter. It is a brawler focusing stopping gang warfare in city streets. It was not released any home gaming platforms.


Guardians is a brawler that has you walking through the streets as one of seven characters punching and kicking enemies. Four characters from the beginning, but the player eventually earns three more characters. The three characters are your enemies and bosses for each level. They are the leaders of their gangs, and beating them earns you the ability use them as playable characters. Each level has the player taking down gang after gang in a search for the evil Mr. Big. Gangs encountered are The Dreads, The Shavers and The Dragons.

Characters in the game included Connor, Chief, Tanya, Javier and the gang leaders. In between each level there are also bonus levels that take place in a gym. Bonus levels usually involve tapping a button rapidly in order to lift weights or wrestle someone into submission. You do not earn anything from the successfully beating a bonus challenge.

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