About what's happening with the Guild

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Hello all,

Just as an update, so far we have 247 people in the guild, a maximum cap of 400 and 9 people invited but not yet in.

The guild system in GW2 is a bit shakey at the moment, to the point where we can't really successfully invite people (except for very random cases where it somehow goes through).

Suffice to say that we know and we're trying what we can on our end. We've tested everything we can think of that wouldn't potentially break things further and there doesn't seem to be any client side fixes, unless anyone here can point us towards one.

For the people below, sorry for the delay and know that we're on it.

Account Names (leaving out the numbers for some level of security : P):

  • rabidpinata
  • cheeshunter
  • Koulaid
  • Dirtyspaceman
  • siabrae
  • MattBodega
  • bwheeeler
  • Adimus Dragonbane
  • onimonkii
  • Vampyre
  • Crusarian
  • AdventOblivion
  • BigOhp
  • nyzix
  • beardfish
  • Vager
  • Bedeviled
  • Marmalade
  • Cheeshunter
  • Ghausteld
  • Strait
  • DerBrick
  • gray
  • benpicko
  • Tangled Slinky
  • moonlit talon
  • PixelProfessor
  • Severnayah
  • Garoosh
  • joseffthered
  • Mar
  • TullyAckland
  • Spud
  • misterorff
  • Kallid

Those are the guys at the end of the list after the head start started who we simply cannot add - there are many more who were sent invites but the invites timed out or they rejected them. Beyond the above there is assumably 40 more people we have to cross check to find, and they will most likely have the same issues. Patience is all I can ask for, really.

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Thanks for the update.

I most if not everyone realizes that the current problems are not your fault at all.

This is just the regular kind of problems online games face in their first week if not their first couple months.

Thankfully the development team seem to be recognizing the problems and appear to be working on them.

Hopefully everyone, myself included, will be able to join the guild soon.

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I just added myself to the Google Doc. Would appreciate an invite when you have time. Thanks!

#4 Posted by Brodehouse (10140 posts) -

Thanks for the update. I begged a few officers for an invite and got one yesterday, but when I went to accept it disappeared on me (apparently a common thing?). So I'm still not in. :(

I'll be on after 4 ET today if we could try again. Brodehouse, of course.

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Thanks for keeping us informed I managed to log in for a few hours the other day and will be back on the 29th for a good session, really cant wait the game felt so dam good.

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I'm not getting the game until the 28, so hopefully the problems will be fixed by then. Although the problems may get worse with the new influx of people. I hope everything will be okay, and everyone will be able to get into the guild.

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@Brodehouse 400 is the max, what is the plan for if we extend over that number? Create a sister guild, Washington Force? Jefferson Force? Roosevelt Force?

Carter Force?
#8 Posted by NickL (2247 posts) -

To my knowledge I never got an invite and my name isn't on that list, just letting you know.

See you all in game.

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As far as I can tell I haven't received any invites yet, and my name isn't on that list but I guess it's possible that I missed it.

Should I be sending you guys a message in-game?

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Thank you for the update! I did see the pop up for the invite but there is nothing in the guild menu.

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I think the Guild Leadership have done a fantastic job so far getting the Guild up and running. Keep up the good work!

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@selfconfessedcynic: My headstart begins at 8am tomorrow UK time and I was 246 in the list, did i get an invite? Username is Mrskidders.4786.

#13 Posted by Xymox (2116 posts) -

Thanks for the update.

It's still not released here. Kind of worried that the server will become full before it's available (28th I think).

#14 Posted by ALTF4_FOR_COLORS (146 posts) -


Hmm, I must be one of the forty as I haven't received an invite yet. Maybe it has something to do with me hanging out dancing in overflow all the time.

Thanks for the status update.

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If we are not on the list and (to the best of my knowlege) never got an invite is there anything we should do otherwise? Don't want to sound like a whiner, but classes make for only off-hours playing. Hopefully being on all day today will lead to something, thanks guys.

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thanks for the update. i'm on the list so i'm not worried, hopefully they fix it soon.

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Okay, just did a cross-check of the whole guild list and the names below are not showing up in a search. Some of them ARE in the guild (probably 1/10) and aren't coming up in the search because video games, but the rest have been sent invites in the past and they have timed out or been rejected.

Let me know in game (Human Warrior is my character name - or message any of the officers) if you are in fact in the guild, don't worry if you're not as we have your details already.

Account names (leaving out the numbers);

  • Plop
  • Zithe
  • Shaden
  • desadist
  • SharpShotApollo
  • Xilvemn
  • Likeametaphor
  • Aerion
  • Posticles
  • actua
  • Shaden
  • Xplizit
  • Eightbitretro
  • Exodeus
  • zyn
  • CornishRocker
  • yyninja
  • Kylden
  • Maverick
  • Brodehouse
  • Xeirus
  • mazzm
  • maxamaul
  • LiquidSword
  • gardig
  • Gottagofast
  • anrez
  • theimmortalbum
  • tonyyj
  • Wikitoups
  • Echinos
  • Gantrathor
  • Actua
  • Bucketdeth
  • deox
  • WadeBrigade
  • Nicnacs
  • Raios Deschain
  • Kronk
  • Plat
  • Auburnfirefly
  • PixelPrinny
  • Axel
  • bobomega
  • Nickieroonie
  • tthor
  • Koulaid
  • silverx
  • Josephchua
  • AcuteTurkey
  • moodoki
  • crashsaikyo
  • Governor
  • BubbleWrap
  • Deathboundz
  • Albahtross
  • Bucks
  • cKyerie
  • Hanoran
  • Engine of Ruin
  • Fripplebubby
  • Angsty
  • Gaziantep
  • Sferics
  • Mrskidders
  • clockworksyd
  • Clothmap
  • CommodoreGroovy
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If we did time out or were rejected, is there anything we can do to get an invite again or will you just loop back around or something? Just wondering, thanks for all your work

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@selfconfessedcynic: I got invited to another (supposedly) Giantbomb guild called "How I Met Your Mesmer". Is this legit? Should I join it? I'm assuming it's just an overflow guild or something?

Anyway, thanks for all your hard work man. I know this is probably time consuming for you. ;)

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@MAST said:

@selfconfessedcynic: I got invited to another (supposedly) Giantbomb guild called "How I Met Your Mesmer". Is this legit? Should I join it? I'm assuming it's just an overflow guild or something?

Anyway, thanks for all your hard work man. I know this is probably time consuming for you. ;)

Tis real!


However, though a bunch of duders are getting in, some are still not. We'll see how this goes.

#21 Posted by Vampyre777 (14 posts) -

Got the temp guild invite.

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I got the invite for mesmers but not lincoln, I dunno if it was me or the game. Ill join up with the temp guild but I would like to be absorbed into the main guild. I see people with the BOMB tag and I get super jelly because I am not playing with you guys.

e: Ill probably be playing for the next few hours (a lot) so feel free to msg me in game about it if thats easier.

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