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any1 else from alberta canada who has a server in mind or a guild that they would like to create? iamin Red Deer

#2 Posted by Pazy (2682 posts) -
#3 Posted by Gonmog (643 posts) -

@Pazy: Yes...but he is asking for people from Alberta Canada not from the website....:/

#4 Edited by theboatguy (8 posts) -

@TravysCanada: Fellow albertan here, edmonton. lookin for someone to play with myself so Join me on Yaks Bend

#5 Posted by Levianth (131 posts) -

St. Albert here, Yak's Bend till the end.

#6 Posted by theboatguy (8 posts) -

@Levianth: whats your name I'll add you up

#7 Edited by Levianth (131 posts) -

@theboatguy: Levianth.9417 but it turns out a good chunk of my friends are over on Maguuma so I may be switching there.

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