Apologies for Lincolncast 17's Live Show

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Hey guys, I just wanted to hop on now that my computer seems to have stabilized to apologize to all you duders who showed up for tonight's live show that never happened. Minutes before we were to go live, my entire system locked up, and even through multiple reboots, I was unable to get things running smoothly nearly an hour after our scheduled start time. There will still be an episode 17, in fact, they're recording it as I type this. I'll have to get proper confirmation from on this, but I believe that because of this, we will be doing another mid-week live gig leading up to release this coming week. Check back here for exact details on when, but it should be on my twitch channel, as per usual. My computer seems stable now, so we shouldn't have a repeat of tonight's events again. My best guess is that it was a combination of a lock up, coupled with an update I had done prior that required a restart which I had put off for later.

Moral of the story: If your computer says it needs to restart for an update, it's probably best to go ahead and let it restart. Especially if you are responsible for putting on a live show. Sorry again, dudes, and I hope to make sure this never happens again.

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@Subjugation: Oh man, after the shit night I've had, I needed that. Thanks, subs! :P

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yeah no worries man, i just hope your puter is ok, and stays stable for launch and beyond!

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Episode 17 is missing some something-something without you dourin.

MAN were we struggling to bang topics out. Ah well - yes, we will be doing another live show this week (I really wasn't planning to, sigh) between Guildcast and Buildcast again, so 7pm US pacific.

I may sound negative about it, but then I'm really tired : )

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