April 27 Weekend Beta live yet?

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Hey I was wondering if anyone else was able to log in to Guild Wars 2 yet. The official site says it's live, but when I try to log in it says that my account is ready but there is no beta event running currently.

I also tried accessing the official GW2 beta forums, but whenever I try to go to it, the site cannot load because it says it has a bad gateway. =\

I hope it's not just me, thanks in advance.

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The log-in server is down, and the official page is down as well. Shitload of people trying to log in and the same time, it's not unexpected. Hopefully it'll be up and running soon, I've been waiting the whole week for this.

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@eldiax: Bunch of people got on before the crash damnit! I'm not gunna be able to try for about another hour.

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