ArenaNet vs. Penny Arcade: "It's on Like Pong"

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But not like that.

Penny Arcade, long known for their best-in-the-biz team of ping-pong connoisseurs, have been challenged by a brave bunch of young up-and-comers from the offices of ArenaNet to a match of wits and cheap plastic balls. This legendary game - surely one involving fire, brimstone, and casual smack-talk - has evidently been filmed. You'll likely be able to see the video on PATV in the coming months, the better to record and show to your grandchildren.

The squad of death-row inmates that ArenaNet has promised their freedom if they can just pull it off this one last time.
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Dat first match! 0_o

But, yeah, the rest were pretty standard amateur games. Robert Khoo is pretty amazing, though. It's a shame that we didn't get to see more of his match.

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The usual team inferno game is 1-6, with only Khoo winning. That's almost the charm of it.

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Damnit, when it said "pong," I automatically thought of beer pong.

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