Beta Roster 2

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Beta Roster 2

Hey guys!

Beta Weekend Event 2 has been announced for Friday the 8th of June! (12noon PDT)

Just like last time, we're establishing a beta roster. This would be a database of times where those-who-want-to can post when they'll be available.

Also note that those on this list will be amongst the first added to the guild when we guild leaders get on for the event.

I have created a public spreadsheet for us to use, just pop in your GB username, character name (if you know it already) and online / offline time at the end of the list for each day. We'll use filter afterwards to organise everything by online time.

Spreadsheet Link

Feel free to add a comment to your listing if you'll be on the guild mumble server during the event!

Oh, and if you want to copy/paste your stuff from the previous roster, you can find that here.

ED: Also, they're NOT deleting characters from the last Beta, so if you have a character already, just chuck that name in the spreadsheet.

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I'm terrible at planning when I'm gonna be online. That coupled with the fact that I can't be bothered to convert my time means I'll just go on whenever :P

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@Maystack: Lol, well if it's anything like last time it'll just be "all day, every day" again anywho : )

@No0b0rAmA: Cos Anet works in PDT - ask them.

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I will most definitely be on a lot this beta weekend with it being summer and all (who needs this "outside" thing?), but it's too far off to nail down solid hours. I will update as we get closer.

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OP: add the time the beta starts, not just the day.

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My body is ready.

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Built my new computer.  Come at me WvW and Structured PvP, I am ready.

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@selfconfessedcynic: Hurrah! Shame I have to revise some of the time...

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I'll be on, but ghettoized in another server since I was unable to join the GB one last BWE. :(    I'm the only person that wishes they would wipe toons this weekend.  Hopefully they will open up guesting, since I am not doing any PvP this weekend.

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@AlbinoJerk: Oh - I think they've expanded the servers for this beta (and people will be moving between servers), which will free up space on ours.

So, that means you should be able to capitalise on the free server transfer feature.

I'll be seeing you at Yak's Bend : )

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Let it be known I want to see if we can get the guild all gathered together throughout the beta to do some events/WvW what have you.  I got to play in some small groups with the guild, but everyone knows bigger is better.

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@RobbieMac: Definitely. The most I rolled with was me and two others. If we could get a big raiding party in WvW that would be awesome.

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I might hop on to mess around with some of the professions some more and I want to nail down what I want each of my characters to look at, but I probably won't play much this weekend, I'd rather just wait for the actual game now.

Have they said if there will be a way to auto level up to 35 though? I'll probably try out the Ascalon dungeon, if we can.

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@WinterSnowblind: There was a NPC that auto-leveled you to 30 in the press betas, but that was for, ya know, press. It was not in the last beta for us normal players, but they may or may not include it this time, since they are opening that stuff up.

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@shinboy630: Was it really absent from the last BWE? There was a rumor going around that it was still in but it was very well hidden. Actually, I think I remember Elixabeth (from the Guildcast, I don't know if you watch it) confessing to using that npc again in the most recent BWE for another character. Who knows if they give press accounts special privileges so we might not even get the dialogue/command options even if we found the npc. #E3Mysteries. Just kidding.

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@Subjugation: I know press accounts got in early, so it may have been in there for them. I just know that I didn't see it and I did a decent amount of asking around and nobody I talked to had seen/used it. I also did not run into anyone that was level 30, but that just might be because of the level scaling (why are the main cities lvl 15 areas?!?), so who knows.

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@shinboy630: I definitely ran into two or three people that were at least level 30, but that might not be proof of much besides insanity.
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@Dark_Lord_Spam: I'm not doubting that people got to 30, I just think that if there was an NPC to do it, news would have spread like wildfire and at least somebody I know would have heard about it. But yeah, I'm sure there were crazy people who got to 30.

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A few people in our guild reached level 20+ IIRC.

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Yeah I am going to start a new character.  Might try melee based to see if they made any good changes from last beta.

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@RobbieMac: Yeah that's my plan. I didn't delve into melee too deeply last time but I figure I should give it a chance this time around.

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@Maystack: We can team up again in WvW

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@Maystack: @RobbieMac: I'll join in the masochism on my thief. Smashing your face into a brick wall is more fun with buddies.

Edit: Heads up to everyone. Looks like they pushed a fairly significant update in the last few hours. Apparently it crests 5 gigs.

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I'll join on my thief as well. Time to get steamrolled!

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What server are my fellow Europeans going for?

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@Riddell: I believe that most of the European guild members jumped into Yak's Bend with everyone else, so you should be set if you join us there.

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@Riddell said:

What server are my fellow Europeans going for?

Join Yaks Bend, I'm in the UK and did that. That way you won't be segregated from the larger US contingent of Guild members. Lag is not even noticeable so it's all good.

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Wooo more Betas!

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