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The developers posted the next Beta Weekend Event. "Beta Weekend Event 2 will begin on Friday, June 8th, at noon PDT (GMT-7) and will run until Sunday, June 10th, at 11:59 p.m. PDT (GMT-7)" Another bit of good news, "Your existing beta characters have not been deleted, and you will be able to continue right where you left off! This means that enterprising players with characters level 35 or higher will be able to test their mettle against the explorable version of the Ascalonian Catacombs dungeon!"

Sorry for no link, but the last time I tried posting a link it didn't go over so well.

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And I just notice the thread about this topic. Sorry folks, I didn't notice the topic on this very subject. I wish I could delete this.

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@Spiritgod: ?? I don't see another thread. Good job on getting this one up so fast, and stop beating yourself up : )

*reads A-net post*

*cbf'd - posts it here*

Heroes of Tyria!

My name is Chris Whiteside, and I’m the lead producer of Guild Wars 2. Normally, I’m head-down in the trenches, making sure we’re producing the best MMO possible, but I wanted to come up for air and share some exciting news with you:

Beta Weekend Event 2 will begin on Friday, June 8, at noon PDT (GMT-7) and will run until Sunday,June 10, at 11:59 p.m. PDT (GMT-7).

If that isn’t enough to get you all bursting with excitement, here is some more news:

Your existing beta characters have not been deleted, and you will be able to continue right where you left off! This means that enterprising players with characters level 35 or higher will be able to test their mettle against the explorable version of the Ascalonian Catacombs dungeon!

In addition to sharing this news with you, I want to convey a massive “thank you” to all of you for playing in our beta events so far. The participation and enthusiasm we’ve seen has exceeded our expectations, and we’re all very grateful and appreciative here at the studio. Your support during our first Beta Weekend Event and throughout development has been instrumental in getting us prepared for launch and helping us take massive steps in the evolution of Guild Wars 2 as a whole. You, our community, are an integral part of the development process, and Guild Wars 2 simply would not be what it is today without you.

Your participation is even more important when you consider that we take our beta events very seriously in terms of our development strategy. At ArenaNet, “beta event” means exactly that—it’s a development-centric event in which we test our systems, discover new and exciting bugs, and get pivotal feedback from our testers about what is going in the right direction and what isn’t.

We have listened intently to all of your feedback from our first Beta Weekend Event, and we’ve made great strides toward resolving many of the issues you’ve helped us identify. These include party movement into overflow servers, chat functionality, key bindings, server stability, performance, and many more that we will detail in the near future.

Of course, there’s no denying the benefits of having such a vocal, outspoken community. And I’m not speaking just in terms of development; I’m also referring to how our players are spreading the word that Guild Wars 2 is more than just a game, it’s an evolving, online world that is shaped and driven by its players. Our community and our studio won’t accept anything less than excellence, and above all else, we both value a pioneering approach to the future of online worlds.

Having said all that, what is the one thing we most look forward to in our second Beta Weekend Event? In a nutshell, it’s getting the chance to play with you all: sharing a world we’ve built together, discovering what’s great and what could be better, and defining a ground-breaking world that we can all enjoy for many years to come. That’s what these beta events mean to us.

For those who haven’t yet pre-purchased Guild Wars 2, you’ll still have a chance to play in the beta. We’re teaming up with our partners to give away keys for Beta Weekend Event 2, so follow us on Twitter and Facebookto get the latest news.

Thank you all so much for your support, care, and enthusiasm—we couldn’t do it without you!

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@selfconfessedcynic: I misread the same thread twice, lol. After creating this thread I glanced over at the No Beta in May thread and thought it mentioned what I posted, so I came back to repost, basically to make sure I didn't get a ton of, "this is old!!!", then re-read the No Beta in May thread and saw that it was only mentioned toward the end, so now I don't feel so bad.

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Yeah it was mentioned in the other beta thread, but there's nothing really wrong with a new topic. The most interesting detail here is that they haven't deleted out previous beta characters.

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@Maystack: Agreed. Hopefully they haven't deleted guilds either.

Oh fuck, forgot to add that detail to the beta roster thread --->>>>>

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This is awesome, can't wait to see the changes they've made. However, will enough people make it to level 35+ to start exploring the catacombs dungeon? Could do with some way to boost a character up to that level if they really want people to test it.

Love that helm in the screen shot too.

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@Benny: I heard that the boosting NPC from the press beta was in the last BWE also, so I guess he's just well hidden.
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I plan on starting a new character this BWE, so I doubt I'll get to lvl 35. I don't want to see that much content anyway. Want to try a warrior to see if they've changed the melee.

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@Spiritgod: SOOO excited! ^_^_^_^_^

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@Maystack: I was thinking the same thing. Maybe create several new characters but never go beyond level 10 or something. I want more GW2, but also don't want to ruin the release...whenever that might be.

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I was hoping it would be this Friday. :(

Glad the characters haven't been deleted. The furthest I got anyone was level 14. Not sure if I want to invest too much more time in that though. I'd love to try the dungeon as well, but even if I get scaled up, I'll still suck as I only have 1 trait point lol.

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I prefer having the level cap in place so that I'm not conflicted trying other professions.  GW2 has fantastic class diversity and I barely scratched the surface during the last BWE.
Increasing the cap to 35, with the incentive to run a dungeon, means I'm definitely going to pick up where I left off with my Guardian.  I have to see if the "no holy trinity" design actually holds up, or if it fails miserably.

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Virtua Charvis is back baby!

I'm very happy that my pirate-cat-wizard is back, I love that guy.

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Hmmm... no Sylvari or Asura it seems. Would have loved to try the scholar profession with those races. Looking forward to playing some more, albeit I'll certainly not go as buckwild crazy as the first time around. Wanted to recapture the pleasures of past transgressions and youthful sins - but alas I'm too old for that kinda shit, in more than one way.

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I'm starting to get burned out on Diablo 3, too. Bravo, ANet. You're right on time.

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