Can anyone please help ...

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I just bought GW2 and i got email and when i go to register all it does is time out. i try to get on the support site but even that says my email already exists but i havent registered yet ... this company has no way of calling in for support so as it is looking i just gave this company 60 bucks for free and im screwed out of 60 bucks .... Pretty damn smart of them making a game you cant even call in for help on your acct

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@wargamez: I suggest you thoroughly read through the FAQ before making accusations like that towards ArenaNet.
I goes into detail if you are having issues logging in.
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I would imagine you have registered for any of the multitude of other games that all use the same login info. Good on you for creating an account on GB because we are the number 1 source for all your ArenaNet support on the web.

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im not trying to be rude towards areananet ... i just been in front of my puter 3 hours now trying to just register ... i have no idea what to do at this point ... i understand the FAQ but i cant even use the support. so if anyone is in same boat as me ... we just spent 60 bucks on nothing ... id feel alot better if you could just talk with someone Via phone or text support just so you know that they know you just bought there game and cant use it and there working on it .... but if i cant contact anyone ... how can i get the help ?

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@wargamez said:

we just spent 60 bucks on nothing ...

I'm having the same problem, except I spent $80...during the only Saturday I've had off this month. Suffice to say this wasn't how I had planned on spending my rare Saturday off, but luckily Dark Souls will finish downloading soon, so I've got that to look forward to at least. :)

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The register page times out? Maybe it's just under stress and you'll have to wait, though 3 hours without respons seems weird. I have no clue, but welcome to Giant Bomb, where the most knowledgeable people are, maybe... Probably... yes.

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@jyluth: I did too! and I bought beer... but it's ok. I feel happy that I won't have to pay a monthly fee. That keeps a smile on my face. That and the beer chilling in my fridge.

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oh well ... thing is i tried to buy the game 3 months ago but back then it had problems just accepting hte card info ... so i just put it on the shelf and figured they would fix there site. well here it is 3 months later i figure why not try and BINGO it accepted my card i thought awesome they fixed there issues ... only thing now im just screwed out my money and early launch. and i know if anyone was in my shoes you would be pretty damn pissed off too ... im sorry but Arenanet ... you do have the worst website in this entire planet ! if your website reflects your game your in huge trouble ... but by that time you already screwed enough out there money ... tyvm ... refund !!!

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It is a launch day with a game that has a huge amount of server stress. The trading company website page is down, and many areas of the website have down all day. Are you getting the message where you need to register your email with your account for security issues upon login? Because if so, I've gotten the same thing many times eariler, but it isn't needed at the moment to log in and play the game. I've played it about 5 hours today fine, with no lag, 60 fps, everything peachy.

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If you bought the game today or yesterday, you can't play it until the 28th.

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wish i could get that far along ... all i have is a damn product key and thats it ... no way to register

like i said if they cant even make a working website ... what does that tell ya about them ... just first impressions .... i mean i understand its a new game and tons are trying to get on it but at very least make a user friendly website ... easy way to find support, a phone number , live chat ... a actual live rep .... and you would think on a day there gonna do early launch they would suck it up and have phone support this weekend and the next few weekends till things are smooth ... but there off fridays and all weekend laughing to the bank with our money ... thats just BS

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Well, I just managed to make my account, so hopefully the problem is fixed for you too OP!

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Ok well after 6 hours trying to register it did finally let me threw to register and is now downloading ... no idea just started working so if you are in the shoes i was in just keep trying over and over .... as much as a huge pain in the ass that is

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@Valames said:

@UssjTrunks said:

If you bought the game today or yesterday, you can't play it until the 28th.

Do you have a link to something official where you got that information? Nothing on the site says otherwise.

EDIT: Link saying when pre-purchase ends.

Nevermind. They said that they would stop selling pre-purchase packages on the 25th (but they haven't stopped selling them). I guess it was just a ploy to get more people to buy it.

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