Can't buy guild wars 2

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For some reason I can't Pre-purchase guild wars 2 on their website.

When i try to buy it with a credit card it says "The credit card information you entered was invalid. Please try again.". I have gone through it again and again and the information is valid.

This is kinda annoying when I want to buy it before tomorrow. But it looks like i have to get it on Monday. With only 9hours and 30 minutes to go.

Edit: My card works on steam at least, I can add 5 bucks to my steam account. uhm....

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I use to have weird issues with shopping in the GW1 in-game store with my purchases being flagged as a potentially fraudulent charge and subsequently getting blocked, so you might want to double-check to make sure that isn't happening.

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Just get it off of Amazon, they send you everything right away and you get a $5 credit,

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@Forum_User: Man I'm surprised that Iceland is on that list.

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@Dark_Lord_Spam: Yeah I'will call my bank tomorrow and see, but it will then be too late to pre purchase for the 3 day early thing, I think.

but I think I'm not in a hurry, got many game in steam backlog and dark souls and darksiders 2

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@eylenn Where do you live? The USA? China? (edit: You're from Iceland? I just saw that)

I know that some people in China have been having this issue (I live/work in China right now). I'm surprise my boss hasn't run up to me and tried to talk about Guild Wars 2 yet. He did that with a couple of other games since I began working here. For a 40+ year old principal, he is really into games. But I guess we're all starting to get up there. Jeff will be 40 in about 3 more years.

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@Ariketh: No I'm from Iceland. I'm going to check my bank later today if the website is blocked for me

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@Xtrminatr: Im not in America, so Amazon does not accept it.

: They does not sell those in Asia? :(

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