Can't switch to medium textures. Can you help?

#1 Posted by SharpCypher (54 posts) -

I installed this last night to try with my friends. While I was making my character, I thought the texture resolution was super low. When I change the texture quality in the video settings, it doesn't change at all, low or medium. Has anybody else encountered this? I know I can't run high because I have a 32-bit OS, but I should be able to run medium. Why won't the textures change?

#2 Posted by Jack_Lafayette (3856 posts) -

I've seen people have this problem before, but I don't remember if any concrete solutions have been found. Has changing the other settings worked correctly? Otherwise, all I can think of to suggest is a driver check. Oh, and here's the support site.

#3 Posted by SharpCypher (54 posts) -

Yep, other settings work. Shadows, shaders, etc. Updated my drivers, too.

#4 Posted by SharpCypher (54 posts) -

In case anybody else has this problem, this is how i fixed in. In my Catalyst Control Center, I went under Gaming -> 3D Application Settings. There's a setting for Mipmap Detail Level that was all the way down. I turned it all the way up. PROBLEM SOLVED!

#5 Posted by Jack_Lafayette (3856 posts) -

Glad to hear it's dealt with. :)

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