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So I stopped playing Guild Wars shortly after nightfall and have just returned after years to play through the Eye of the North expansion.   
Would any of the Giant Bomb people want to team up and play through this campaign?  Ive logged back in and gotten familiar again and have joined a guild w/ vent that could be used. 
I'm available weekday evenings starting about 7pm EST and weekend mornings. 
Anybody interested? 
If so, send me a PM or friend me in game.  Character name is "Max Demian"

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EotN's campaign is pretty short, IMO. You might want to just run through it and then get a group together for dungeon runs, which are where the real meat of EotN is. If you're aiming for HoM points, get M.O.X., and then go to Nightfall and get 4 pieces of Stolen Sunspear armor for an easy 3 points. And if you've finished any campaign (except EotN), that's another 2 points!

Also, a little nitpicky, but shouldn't this be in the GW1 forum?

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I'm currently working on rounding out my HoM and GWAMM, but I'd love to help out if we happen to be on at the same time. Are you just main-lining the expansion, or are you planning on doing some dungeons?
IGN: Angelic Vampyre

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im doing at least a runthrough of the story, including missions.  I don't care about the HoM that much since i have all the armor pieces, and that was what I really wanted.  So pumped to be rolling out my SS necro again. 

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@AlbinoJerk: EotN doesn't have "missions" in the traditional GW1 sense, but quests that send you through special versions of dungeons. There's also tons of sidequests that send you through more dungeons as well, with different special events and things in them depending on the quest. And you should at least get 10 points, for the sweet Firey Dragon Sword and title. But hey, that's your call.

@Dark_Lord_Spam: You're going for max GWAMM? I envy you. I don't have my old account, so I don't have nearly enough progress to be able to get GWAMM in any reasonable time at all before GW2, what with college and everything else in my life.

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@isnipeyoudie: Yeah, GW1 has hit my perfectionist streak pretty hard. I'm at 29/30 GWAMM and 49/50 HoM, and I could theoretically buy the stuff I need to fill them out, but there's a couple of titles that I absolutely want (Savior of the Luxons, Eternal Conqueror of the Underworld) that require a bunch more grinding.
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I was planning on getting at least 30 HoM, but I never got around to it. I'm up to 26.

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@Maystack: I think you have all the best gear by that point anyway, I don't think it's worth the grind, if all you care about are the rewards. I had 30/30 as soon as they put the website up, so I had nothing to work to anyway, but I'm perfectly happy to have the fancy armour, fiery dragon sword and diamond aegis for my Guardian.

I'm pretty sure most will tire of these rewards pretty fast anyway, and move on to using the fancy new GW2 loot.

#9 Posted by Jack_Lafayette (3848 posts) -
@WinterSnowblind: But the titles! THE TITLES!

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