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Choosing a race, at first glance seems somewhat more complicated then I thought. (this makes me happy)

Just by reading the website I can see that each race has some sub choices you make that builds their background and perhaps slightly alters their racial abilities? This is the bit I am curious of as it seems to hint at that tho perhaps I am just reading into it too much.

Humans especially seem to have to make two choices which is curious: One about what background they came from and one to do with what deity you with to follow.

The races themselves seem somewhat stereotypical but that's ok, at least there is something there for everyone. We got the Vikings, the gnomes, the kitties, the trees and the borings. Each person is different, and I respect everyone's choice but I don't really understand why you would play a human character in a fantasy game, as you are already involuntarily human and have plenty of experience in that :) However I recon they will prove quite popular simply as many of us like to make our character extremely pretty and able to relate to. I would eventually like to have one of each...

So yeah that is the bit I am wondering for those who have the experience (I will be downloading my game tonight!! YAAAAYYYY) does making that choice such as what time you were born under the tree or what clan you want to be part of when u are Charr etc etc, does this greatly effect my character in the long run? like for example give them a racial that is better suited in pvp, or pve or something.... thanks!

As for me, I will probably make a Charr to begin with purely for nostalgic purposes, I loved them in the first game and thought they were great adversaries and and a really funky race of cuddly baddies.

Classes.... well I was going to make that the second half of this post but its already too long :P I dont even know where to start but am looking at probably Mesmer or Guardian xD Now that mesmers can wield great swords? it honestly sounds like a bucket of fun. Yes. Great big war-kitty mesmer... thoughts?

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your race does give you access to racial abilities, this is true. But these abilities cannot be used in PVP, so choosing a race will not change anything in PvP.

as for your story choices, they start with your personal background stuff that will certainly not impact on the long run in any ways worth worrying about. around level 30, you will have to choose an order to join (prieure de Durmand, Order of whispers or the vigils). these will determine which armor and weapons skins you will have access to within the skins restricted to orders. but the stats or because of the transmutation system that exists in the game that allows you to change any piece of gear into another skin provided you have an item with the wanted skin.

so basically, if you are worried about the impact your choice will have on your roleplay, you can be but if you are worried about your gameplay then don't be.

as for the class to choose, that is the real question but you will have to try them to figure this out by yourself I guess.

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Lol cool, thanks.

So "skins" are like cosmetic things to make your armor look the way you want it to? Makes sense.

I guess the race is not a huge decision one should simply go with what they like Aesthetically and based on the description.

With the classes to be honest I am a tad disappointed (which I shouldn't be coz I still have not had the chance to try it) but the "mix ANY class with ANY class" system was my favourite aspect of the original Guild wars ^_^ as it created endless possibilities for interesting characters, it was also the reason I probably never got around to finishing it amongst my... 10 or 15 characters and what with the expansions :S I do regret that lol...

I just hope the classes give us enough opportunity to make our character stand out a bit and be diverse compared to others in pve and pvp

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@Bassario: People are real torn on the last bit. But theres trait trees that increase your damage in really interesting ways and its unlikely that you will spec the same way as everyone else. If you want to see how different the game can be all you need to do is watch a twin daggers elementalist vs a staff ele. Your skins will most likely come from your dyes. Thats where you will get the most bang for your custom buck. (Hot pink and purple?). I think the guild wars team liked the ideas of Class/Class so it seems they left weapons to be the sub class. And to that effect in every class (but ele and eng) you can switch weapons on the fly in the middle of battle to give yourself a whole new playstyle/complimentary play style. Theres some real depth in the system. You just don't get to be super free but in GW1 you only had 8 skill slots so at best you used one or two interesting skills from your subclass and that was that. So in GW you never were really as free as you felt because most sub combinations were used only to get that one skill from that one class that would help you with one thing.

PS. I'm real partial to the sylvari. The race is only 25 years old in the lore and they are pretty cool.

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