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I've been trying out new builds today and I've come to the conclusion that I really want to capitalize on my Condition Damage. I've been using a Shortbow/Longbow combo, not even giving the Axe + Warhorn the attention they rightfully deserve, but I want to change that. When used correctly, the Axe is incredibly effective and has the potential to bleed groups at once. I've been fooling around with the build calculator and I ended up with 1077 condition damage, which I think is decent, but I would like a second opinion. Here is my build:

The pets that I'll be using are the Lynx and Snow Leopard.

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In general I'm not a big fan of condition damage as your main DPS source in PvP (assuming you are talking about PvP) simply because so many people bring condition removal skills and traits, often times more than one.

Just my $.02

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@shinboy630: Thanks for the response. I was talking about PvP, as well as PvE. I didn't even take condition removal into account.

Okay, so what are some viable Ranger builds that work in both gameplay settings? I've been watching videos and reading other builds, but I want to make sure that what I'm investing in is actually worth it.

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I've realized that I'm going down the path of a condition-based ranger as well. I didn't even really mean to. I just wanted that endurance buff that you get at the first level of Wilderness Survival. That said, I'm only level 18-19, so I haven't gone super far down that road. It is frustrating sometimes to primarily use condition-based damage, especially when I'm not a huge fan of the shortbow. Are there any other weapons that apply a ton of status effects?

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For a condition damage build, I'd try out...

Sword & Dagger and Axe & Torch

Bleeds from crit. Massive Poison from Sword & Dagger. Burn from torch and axe combo off fire field. Plus - Sword & Dagger is the most amazing weapon combo there is for rangers.

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@Jrinswand: Sword and Dagger applies Bleeds and Poison and the abilities add damage while allowing you to evade. There were a few cases in PvE where I had to solo champions when other players weren't around. I just stack bleeds with Sharpening Stone and Quick Zephyr, which makes the fight easy with a shortbow + longbow build.

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What is the viability of the shortbow? Is that primarily a PVP weapon? Those are the vibes that I get from it, especially with the Quick Shot move and all of the crippling/daze effects.

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@Jrinswand: I have barely played a ranger, so take my word with a grain of salt, but I was under the impression that even after the nerf, shortbows are their strongest damage still. especially in PvE, it still just fires so damn fast. As for condition builds (in general) for PvP, it does have the caveat of mostly allowing you to balance the rest of your stats around Vit/Toughness/Precision, without being too much of a glass cannon. What I mean is, in a normal power-build, you're likely getting precision too, but what makes crits powerful is bonus crit damage, which does not come on gear with a lot of defensive stats.

Condition removal is overrated, IMO, because most of the builds allow easy stacking of it anyway (Ranger or otherwise). IT will be used, obviously, but they have cooldowns so you will still be able to get some damage off, and likely survive better because you aren't glass cannon.

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@Ulain: Thanks, one thing I have noticed with some builds is that they sacrifice armor rating for more damage, which I want to avoid.

For offhand weapons, do you think I should keep the warhorn, or would another axe be a good move for my build?

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I haven't played the ranger in ages, but the consensus seems to be that a condition ranger is the way to go, so you're on the right track.

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