Dedicated dungeon run night

#1 Posted by Miniexadoor (43 posts) -

I've been farming for my dungeon gear using mostly pugs with a few bombers from time to time.

As easy as some of the dungeons are I still run into some problems leading to my group just bailing and me basically having nothing to show for an hour of playtime.

So I've been wondering if anyone would be interested in having a dedicated night for running dungeons with fellow bombers.

#2 Posted by Thurbleton (176 posts) -

We've played with the idea of a dungeon night but we'd rather have that be a constant thing. We pushed during this latest weekend to get folks into the story dungeons and saw a fair number of guild runs in the fractals.

Best advice I can give you is to hop on mumble and talk with the other folks on there. While you may not be able to rally a group in seconds you can talk with them and get an idea when a group can form,'Yeah let me cook some dinner and I'll go in 30 min"

#3 Posted by Subjugation (4899 posts) -

@Miniexadoor: I'll echo what thurb said and back the push for being on Mumble. The guys that are on it are the ones who run dungeons quite a bit and most admit to being bad about watching chat while on Mumble. I seem to remember you being on the other night and I think you had a mic so you should be good to go. Shinboy/Aterangelus/Jkc and most of the others who hang out in the same channels are likely your best bet.

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