djWHEAT Casting Guild Wars 2 PvP at PAX 2011

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#2 Posted by NickL (2261 posts) -

Not sure if you were serious or not, but day9 would be a stupid choice.

Don't get me wrong, I love his starcraft stuff and watch every daily I have the spare time for but the reason he is great is because when you watch him you just know that he does what he does because he has such an immense love and passion for everything starcraft and he is great at sharing that love with his viewers.

I don't think he could pull off casting any other games.

#3 Posted by Jack_Lafayette (3848 posts) -

Don't really get deep enough into competitive gaming to know the names of illustrious announcers, but from what I understand this guy is one of the better ones?

#4 Posted by Lotus (221 posts) -

I hate that guy, his pedophile jokes are creepy,  but oh well, whatsha gonna do.

#5 Posted by picklecannon (273 posts) -

I think guild wars made him start doing live on three so it's a good fit.

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