Elementalist Exploit

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Yes, I know that thief has been nerfed and ele has found a niche role as bunker since this video was uploaded, but that doesn't take away from the lulz. :P (this isn't my video btw)

I feel dirty making a thread as pointless as this one, so feel free to share other funny GW2 videos here.

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I saw this a couple of weeks ago, but since then they switched Mist Form to our 2 when downed, my only fundamental balancing gripe with my ele has disappeared.

As for videos...

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Golden. Skip to 5:00 in the next one if you just want the money shot.

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CPR shark LOL. I was rolling when I saw that.

I love how he asks people in the second video if they're a mesmer.

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Never fails

I roll a thief....NERF!!!!

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I found this in the merged thread about him.

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