Everyone talking about GW2

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I've been playing CS GO for the past few days, and just about every server I go into, people are discussing GW2, or are referencing it in their usernames. I'm surprised by how far reaching the hype is. CS is the last game where I would expect to find people talking about an MMO. Anyone else noticing this in other games?

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I have no idea. My enthusiasm and exposure is limited to these subforums. But it's nice to heat that more people are thinking about it!

I imagine the better this game does early on will directly affect post-game support. But I suppose that's not really a revelation, haha.

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I'm not sure what exactly it is, but my entire guild from WoW is reforming in GW2 after our last member quit playing over 2 years ago. We haven't been on any other MMO for more than a free trial / beta test, but GW2 has us super hyped, and we've tried the BWEs and stress tests and are still itching to go tonight

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People have heard lots of positive things out of the BWEs. Beyond that, Guild Wars 2 is essentially taking the good parts of an MMO, changing the bad parts to be a engaging and active experience for the player, and then tearing down some of the standard conventions. Mix that in with a unique art style and a deep world and you get a lot of hype.

Even with that taken into consideration, though, I am also kind of shocked with how much hype there is.

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I'm a bit surprised by all the hype too. I played some of the original Guild Wars, but never got too deep into it until the Nightfall. I liked the Dervish class a lot - I beat 2 games with the Dervish, and got about half-way through GWEN. I tried a trial of Factions during a Dragon Festival (a code came in one of the boxes), but never got around to buying it.

Not sure which class in Guild Wars 2 would be up my alley yet. Maybe the Guardian?

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Yeah I chatted with a dude in the gb tf2 server about it. And on another forum peple seem to be excited.

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