Excellent Wuv Wuv for Oct 19th

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It was a fair fight for once!

Although we didn't always make it back home alive we kept a lot of the fight off our points and defending theirs. Want to thank everyone especially Doc for providing fireworks for the 'post wuv wuv celebrations'

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As always with the [BOMB] crew, it was a blast. Yeah, pun intended. Deal with it.

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As of my going to sleep we had control of almost all of GoM borderlands. And had a ton of fun doing it. If you aren't playing wvwvw you really out to give it a shot. We do it every Fri/Sat/Wed night and even other times. Its a blast. Come on in and die a few times with your friends. (And maybe make a gold or 2 in the process.)

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Here's a non-pretty screenshot with everyone's names.
To cap off our night of celebrations (and lagging everybody on the map), we successfully took over all three borderlands battlegrounds!

It was a great night of wuv wuv. Let's keep up the fight for this week!

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uh fireworks are op, this is the game breaking advantage we got from it. thanks a lot doc, way to piss in the punch.

some other awesome stuff:

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