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#1 Posted by Beaudacious (1066 posts) -

#2 Edited by Beaudacious (1066 posts) -

Final Shootout for the US Beta Server/World Selection!!!

Concerns about Yak's Bend's overpopulation have been raised, and the shear number of worlds diluting the vote.

I skipped Anvil Rock, and Darkhaven since those are the 4chan/Reddit servers, and people have expressed concerns about playing with those groups.

Then i picked randomly between Maguuma, Jade Quarry, and Eternal Grove since they were all equal in votes.

Original Thread:http://www.giantbomb.com/guild-wars-2/61-21223/giantbomb-us-beta-serverworld-selection-poll/35-544516/?page=3

#3 Posted by Ravenlight (8057 posts) -

Yak's Bend sounds like a place where duders would hang out.

#4 Posted by Maystack (929 posts) -

I chose Jade Quarry because Luxons are awesome.

#5 Posted by Codeacious (957 posts) -

How long is this poll going to run until a final winner is declared? The event is a bit over 24 hours away, so if a choice for this weekend is going to be made, it needs to be soon.

#6 Edited by Beaudacious (1066 posts) -

@isnipeyoudie: I sent PM's to a bunch of people, and we have till noon on Friday PDT.

#7 Edited by WinterSnowblind (7597 posts) -

I'm sticking with Yak's Bend. If it's too crowded during the BWE's, we can always have another poll before the final release/next beta. Plus we all get 2000 gems to play around with on the beta's, so worst comes to worst, we can always pick up and leave mid way through.

I don't think it'll be too bad anyway. The Reddit guys are only other really big one and it just means they can lend a hand for WvW. Gametrailers is a community of 12 year olds that will move onto the next game in a matter of weeks and GW2 Guru is about to become irrelevant as the official forums go live.

#8 Posted by Beaudacious (1066 posts) -

If Yak's Bend wins again, i'll be annoyed ^.^.

Ok breakfast now...

#9 Posted by Maystack (929 posts) -

@Beaudacious: Me too. Not because it'll be crowded, just because I'm not a big fan of Yak's Bend.

#10 Edited by WinterSnowblind (7597 posts) -

Might also be worth mentioning that Sea of Sorrows is the SomethingAwful server. While a lot of the stuff they do is great, they're also world class trolls. Wouldn't be surprised to see them purposefully losing WvW matches.

I'd be more concerned by them than the Reddit guys.

#11 Posted by Beaudacious (1066 posts) -

@Maystack: I just meant, i would of made another poll for no reason -.-'

@WinterSnowblind: It was the Runner Up by a large margin i couldn't ignore it.

#12 Posted by Maystack (929 posts) -

@Beaudacious: Ah right. Well at least we know for sure now that everyone has a soft spot for yaks.

#13 Posted by Aronman789 (2737 posts) -

I picked Jade Quarry this time because I thought it would be best given Yak's overcrowding situation, but it seems to still be winning, so it looks like we're going with it then.

#14 Posted by Jack_Lafayette (3851 posts) -

@Maystack said:

I chose Jade Quarry because Luxons are awesome.

Word. *does the ultra-secret Luxon fist-bump*

#15 Posted by selfconfessedcynic (2741 posts) -

I'm actually going to sit out on this vote - I want to see what everyone else picks.

I'd laugh if it's still Yak's Bend though.

#16 Edited by No0b0rAmA (1511 posts) -

@selfconfessedcynic: Override the vote. You've got the power.

Kurzick FTW

#17 Posted by Subjugation (4816 posts) -

Hmm, we may have a race on our hands. Two of those are relatively close in votes.

#18 Posted by Beaudacious (1066 posts) -

Twenty hours to go guys! Vote up a storm!!

#19 Edited by UssjTrunks (549 posts) -

Wasn't Yak's Bend just a tiny outpost in GW1 lol?

Anyway, I voted for it. If it's overcrowded, we can just change it for the actual game. It's good to be in a popular server for WvW though.

#20 Posted by Dourin (245 posts) -

For what it's worth, I play(ed) on the same server as the Reddit guys in swtor, and they all were pretty cool dudes. Then again, that could've had something to do with my being in the Penny Arcade guild, but they all seemed pretty ok to me.

#21 Posted by Askherserenity (142 posts) -

Ugh. -.- Oh well, guess it's Yaks Bend. I voted for Eternal Grove.

#22 Posted by Aronman789 (2737 posts) -

Remember guys, everyone is getting 2000 jewels so that they can afford one home server transfer during the weekend, so even if the one we pick doesn't work out, we can always change it.

#23 Posted by Kri0s (102 posts) -

I have a feeling there is going be some great PvP/WvW coming from Yaks Bend , and with the overflow shard population wont be an issue. Any of those 4 choices is fine with me , Just let me in already Arena Net! lol

#24 Posted by Subjugation (4816 posts) -

Well, unless something dramatic happens in the final hours, it looks like the poll results will remain relatively the same as the previous polls. Here's to hoping everything turns out just fine.

#25 Posted by Subjugation (4816 posts) -
#26 Posted by Jack_Lafayette (3851 posts) -

@Subjugation: I'm just afraid that if our server's pop is too high, the waiting for WvW openings will drive me to spoil the personal story for myself.

#27 Posted by D_W (1410 posts) -
@Subjugation said:

Alright, apparently Anet stopped selling digital copies of the game because they anticipate being filled to capacity for the BWE. Level of concern slightly rising.

Supposedly you can still get into the Beta by buying from some of the retailers.
#28 Posted by Subjugation (4816 posts) -

@Dark_Lord_Spam said:

@Subjugation: I'm just afraid that if our server's pop is too high, the waiting for WvW openings will drive me to spoil the personal story for myself.

You and me both.

#29 Posted by Beaudacious (1066 posts) -

@Dark_Lord_Spam: @Subjugation: If there is a queue, you wait for the queue while playing on a different WvW map. Idk if that's any consolation.

#30 Posted by zamaeri09 (30 posts) -

Seeing as im already dedicated to the Reddit guild i would suggest not Yak's bend. only due to so many other groups laying claim to it. having played with every Reddit MMO guild, i can say we are a very friendly bunch and there is hardly any drama but idk if you guys go on eternal grove it would be great to go against you guys and GW guru or others. Sea of sorrows is also the unofficial Oceania server right now.

#31 Posted by Jack_Lafayette (3851 posts) -

@zamaeri09: You could join both guilds and PvP with whoever's better. :P

#32 Posted by RobbieMac (560 posts) -

So is Yak's Bend what we chose?

#33 Posted by Askherserenity (142 posts) -

Yeah, so are we all meeting up at Yaks then? How are we going to find each other? ^^;

#34 Posted by WinterSnowblind (7597 posts) -

@Askherserenity said:

Yeah, so are we all meeting up at Yaks then? How are we going to find each other? ^^;

The traditional Guild Wars way: Naked dance party at Lions Arch.

#35 Posted by Askherserenity (142 posts) -

How dumb of me to ask! Can't wait to see you guys there! :]

#36 Posted by Beaudacious (1066 posts) -

Poll says Yak's Bend , so its Yak's Bend for now.

#37 Posted by GraveyardPolka (313 posts) -

@WinterSnowblind: Us trolls? Never! ;)

#38 Posted by Kri0s (102 posts) -

Assuming there will be another BWE before release , we can always checkout Yaks then try a less populated server next time, and have another vote after to decide where to go on launch :)

#39 Posted by Xyber (305 posts) -

@Kri0s: They have said that it will be at least one BWE every month until the release. :)

#40 Posted by Subjugation (4816 posts) -

Hey. Hey guys. Guys, guess what.

One hour to go.

#41 Posted by Maystack (929 posts) -
#42 Posted by WinterSnowblind (7597 posts) -

@Maystack: This is also assuming the servers don't crash with the massive load. Realistically, I don't expect to be able to play for several more hours.

#43 Posted by Maystack (929 posts) -

@WinterSnowblind: Very true. I'm guessing less than a few hours though. Although that may just be me being optimistic :P

#44 Posted by Kri0s (102 posts) -

@Xyber: That's great news, You just made my day.....well, so far :)

#45 Posted by Beaudacious (1066 posts) -

I'm in fellas : D

#46 Posted by Subjugation (4816 posts) -

@Maystack: Timezones ... NOOOOOOOO!

#47 Posted by Gonmog (652 posts) -

So...its still Yaks? Well beta started so guess im going there... :o

#48 Posted by Maystack (929 posts) -

Yeah I chose Yaks.

#49 Posted by Cake (225 posts) -

Awesome, I kept asking ArenaNet if we (Israel) default to the US dataceneter, which they said yes, so I tried to pick Yaks as my home world, and it said it takes a few minutes to transfer because that wasn't my "purchase area" or something like that. Now it's not connecting anymore, so I'm gonna guess I default to the EU datacenters after all.

#50 Posted by Bollard (6542 posts) -

It still says 50 mins on that website but the thing's up for you guys? Damnit I'm not gunna be on for a couple hours, at least the server rush might have subsided.

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