First Thing You Are Doing

#1 Posted by shinboy630 (1323 posts) -

Ok, I know release is more than a month away. However, I can't stop thinking about! Today I was thinking about what the first thing I'm going in-game, and was wondering what you other duders planned on doing. Once you finish off the tutorial area boss and get spit out into Tyria, what's the first thing you plan on doing?

For the record, I decided that once I start, I am going to about-face it into Divinity's Reach (I'm starting off with a human), Asura Gate-ing my way to The Grove, and running around the Sylvari and Asura starting areas collecting ALL THE COPPER. It seemed like those areas had so much more of it than any other, and I'm going to need it for jeweling. Plus, it might be a good way to make some money seeing as it will be scarce right at launch.

#2 Posted by Silvergun (298 posts) -

Turning right around, waltzing into Divinity's Reach, and buying a rifle for my Warrior. Then, in about 10 minutes, debating if I should have made a Guardian...again.

#3 Posted by Giefcookie (625 posts) -

Skipping all of the character customization except for the name, logging in to reserve the name, instantly logging out and deleting that character, then taking my time to actually make my pretty little sylvari thief.

After that I'll probably breeze through the Asura and Sylvari zones now that I know them thoroughly. I might try unlock the second utility slot and then head to WvW. Based on beta Desolation-EU will be a pretty hard hitting WvW server and I want to be there to ride the quick reset wave of the early matches.

But if WvW is as packed as it was during BWE3, I might just try to repeat my beta leveling experience and get to 35ish before the actual release.

@shinboy630: The mine on the western edge of Metrica Province was just stacked with copper. Oh sweet copper..

#4 Posted by selfconfessedcynic (2731 posts) -

I'm going to make my three mains (ranger, warrior, ele) then I'm going to go into the mists and do a whole bunch of theory crafting to figure out how I want to spec my PvE characters. Then I'm going to finish the sylvari starter area and personal story until maybe about lvl 30 - then I'll hop back into my main (human warrior) and finish the game with him.

Or something like that anyway.

#5 Posted by Subjugation (4787 posts) -

I honestly think I might jump into WvW. Perhaps not immediately, but pretty quickly for sure. It seems like they are making more and more improvement to make it a viable leveling method as well as a way to make money and acquire gear. Long Juan Asari will litter the ground with the broken bodies of foes.

#6 Posted by selfconfessedcynic (2731 posts) -

@Subjugation said:

Long Juan Asari will litter the ground with the broken bodies of foes.

Will she be killing them with ADORABLENESS!?

#7 Posted by Klei (1799 posts) -

I... don't really know. I didn't like the first Guild Wars very much, it was quickly overshadowed by WoW at the time ( for me at least ). I'm going to see if I like it. Yeah.

#8 Posted by Sweep (9705 posts) -

Creating my Sylvari Mesmer and then grinding out my Portal Skill. Then jumping into WvW and spamming the shit out of portals.

#9 Posted by BiG_Weasel (566 posts) -

Make my Asura engineer, start leveling, doing events, etc and decide if I really want to craft, or just get mad rich selling mats on the AH.

#10 Posted by Maystack (928 posts) -

First and foremost, buying dual daggers for my norn elementalist. Then from there I'll probably jump head first into PvE. Doing events/hearts, personal story stuff, and just general exploring of the world.

#11 Posted by Seppli (11233 posts) -

Create a Norn Warrior, Charr Ranger, Asura Elementalist, and Sylvari Thief. Getting them all ready for sPvP, and playing the shit out of GW2 sPvP for as long as that's doing it for me. Avoiding the zerg. Earning bags and dyes and such. Having fun.

#12 Posted by project343 (2876 posts) -
  • 100% all 6 cities
  • Grab my crafting professions
  • Go nuts in PVE
#13 Posted by Ares42 (3028 posts) -

@Giefcookie said:

Skipping all of the character customization except for the name, logging in to reserve the name, instantly logging out and deleting that character, then taking my time to actually make my pretty little sylvari thief.

Not decided if I'm gonna get early access yet, but if I am basically this, on all the servers I can.Sucks having a popular nick, especially when they enforce no special letters or anything. If I don't go for early access I guess I'll have to try to think of some clever title, and then start clobbering jotun on my warrior.

#14 Posted by Benny (2002 posts) -

I'll maybe play a few games of sPVP with my Sylvari / Charr Mesmer and acquire some free 8 slot bags and various other items before returning to PvE and levelling up to keep up with the personal story. If it requires level 15, I'll hit that level, complete the personal story quest, then level up to reach the next quest's level. I'll probably do this all the way up to max level and while I level I'll try and 100% each area and city. I'll also gather every resource I find along the way and maybe when I hit 80 I'll decide what to do with it. Perhaps sooner.

I think I'll also buy as many gems as possible early and often since they should be worth more down the line (hopefully.)

@shinboy630: I think they increased the spawns of resources this weekend so it should be about the same everywhere.

#15 Posted by Gravier251 (218 posts) -

After that last Beta weekend I should (hopefully) finally be settled/content with my class choice. Been really undecided till now, kept changing my mind constantly, seem to be leaning towards Guardian again now which was my initial choice. Though I still wonder about a ranger, somewhat. Gah.

Anyway, will be making a human Guardian, doing the usual circuit around the farm, dam, orchard and the bandit cave then stroll into Divinity's Reach and finally fully explore it. Been putting off most of the personal story stuff and exploration, etc. As during the beta weekends I don't like investing too much time and effort into a character that will be wiped. I am looking forward to finally taking my time and seeing everything I can in each area.

#16 Posted by RobbieMac (560 posts) -

Go complete the jumping puzzles again. I am the puzzle master.

#17 Posted by TheHT (12378 posts) -

Finding a staff for my human elementalist.

#18 Posted by MrMazz (1068 posts) -

Quickly create characters and reserve the names I want and than make my Norn Warrior and my Theif. Than try to figure out which one to play first.

#19 Edited by insane_shadowblade85 (1632 posts) -

Level up to 20 and then EXPLORE THE WORLD! If anyone wants to join me for some exploring with no real direction, then message me when the game is released. I think my very first goal on release is to travel, by foot, to all the race starting areas. After that I might try and reach that island area on the bottom of the map.

Now, back to Age of Empires Online. Or Terraria. Or Star Wars The Old Republic. I have to keep my mind off of the wait. I'm insane_shadowblade85 on Steam if you all want to play online stuff. Like Day Z or whatever.

#20 Posted by Subjugation (4787 posts) -


#21 Posted by silentdante (64 posts) -

for me it will be to create the 5 characters i want trying ot get names i like, since i do not have GW1 to reserve, and some of the names were already gone when i got to playing the BWE3 so....

then when i get IN game, i will probly do PVE for a while unless some cool stuff is happening in WvW and i am able to join in that fun. i just hope people will want to group more or play together :)

#22 Posted by selfconfessedcynic (2731 posts) -

@Subjugation: I take it all back! That asura is FIERCE.

#23 Edited by Dagbiker (7022 posts) -

Taking off my clothes and dancing.

Oh, you meant in the game.

#24 Posted by selfconfessedcynic (2731 posts) -

Also, fuck yeah minimum height asura!

No idea why you'd make it maximum height next time around

#25 Edited by Socialone (208 posts) -

I'll buy it because I like the developer's philosophy towards gaming, because I somewhat enjoyed GW1, because I can't pass up a AAA MMOrpg without a subscription fee. What I'll do first? I have no idea. I'll probably try to understand the classes and races, I haven't been following the development much. This might take a lot of time since I'm very picky about my classes -- must be a fast melee guy, not using a shield nor a bow, and casting exclusively buffs, heals or summons when it comes to magic.

A quick wiki search tells me it'll be either a dual wielding guardian or an aggressive thief. The Sylvari look cool. I'll have to figure out which feels best before investing 60+ hours in my main.

#26 Posted by Aronman789 (2737 posts) -

I''m probably going to make a bunch of characters to reserve some names, then I'll make my real characters after a couple hours when it's cooled down.

#27 Posted by Grillbar (1974 posts) -

since i diddent play the demo and i really dont like mmo's but for some reason am drawn to this one the first thing im gonna do is make a char. and then complain to myself that i dont understand how it works and there has to be something wrong with the game since it cant possible be me thats the problem. after that who knows

#28 Edited by shinboy630 (1323 posts) -

@Socialone said:

This might take a lot of time since I'm very picky about my classes -- must be a fast melee guy, not using a shield nor a bow, and casting exclusively buffs, heals or summons when it comes to magic.

Sounds to me like the Guardian is what you are looking for.

ED: Did not see your edit that stated that you looked into guardian. Oh well!

#29 Posted by Socialone (208 posts) -

@shinboy630: Yeah gameplay wise the guardian fits but I don't like his holy warrior image at all. MMOs tend to be very restrictive concerning class direction, the last one that truly fit me (gameplay and lore wise) was my Draenei shaman in WoW, specced enhancement. I loved dual wielding maces, setting totems, healing myself and casting free shields. Since most magic warriors are Paladins, I usually drop the tankiness for stealth and play as nightblade characters instead. A quick look at the Guardian's skills confirmed this : wrath of this, wrathful zealotous faith of that... Boring and despicably uptight holy knights.

#30 Posted by UssjTrunks (549 posts) -

I shall be doing all the PvE stuff I haven't been doing in the betas (been saving it). When I got bored, I'll pop into PvP.

#31 Posted by Curious_George (161 posts) -

@Giefcookie said:

Skipping all of the character customization except for the name, logging in to reserve the name, instantly logging out and deleting that character, then taking my time to actually make my pretty little sylvari thief.

That is my first order of business as well, except I plan to do it for 5 characters. Then I'll spend a bunch of time remaking them and a lot more time trying to decide which one I want to play first. I don't even know which starter zone I want to play first (probably not human though since I've spent the most time there in BWEs). Once I figure that out I'll just head out in a direction and explore the world, probably trying to eventually get 100% map completion in each map I visit.

#32 Posted by Jack_Lafayette (3812 posts) -
  1. Create charr elementalist.
  2. Set shit on fire 24/7.

Also, I'm going to take a page from @Benny and explore every city early on.

#33 Posted by audioBusting (1748 posts) -

First thing on my list is to take off my shirt in-game and check if there's a /dance yet.

#34 Posted by Dourin (244 posts) -

@Subjugation said:



#35 Posted by TorgoGrooves89 (336 posts) -

Like some others have said I too will immediately turn around and run into my capital city, The Grove (playing a Sylvari) and get 100% completion there to build up a bit of early xp. Then i'll pick up my crafting professions, weaponsmithing and armoursmithing, and go 100% the Sylvari starting zone probably, building up my weapon skills and finding crafting mats. At some point I may go on a trip to all the capital cities, 100% each of them to just get that done as early as possible.

I've already decided that i'm not doing any WvW until I hit level 30, that way i'll have access to my full hotbar and probably have maxed out all my weapon skills (I'm playing warrior so there are a lot). I'll also hopefully have picked up some nice weapons by then, so I won't be completely destroyed by other players.

#36 Posted by Rhombus_Of_Terror (2247 posts) -

Spending several hours on the "name your character" page. At least I have names for my new characters.

#37 Posted by Raios (55 posts) -

Seeing as I have the entire launch week off of work, my first priority will be not to die of starvation and/or sleep deprivation.

#38 Posted by Jack_Lafayette (3812 posts) -

@Raios: Remember, every 5 minutes you spend cramming meals into your face is another 12 hours of living you can spend with Guild Wars 2.

(This PSA brought to you by the Bill and Melinda Gates Kick-Ass Games Fund)

#39 Posted by scarace360 (4813 posts) -

First I will get enough food and water to last me 3 days then im gonna go and hit that cap.

#40 Posted by jakob187 (22347 posts) -

Doing the same thing I did in Red Dead Redemption: hunting deer for an hour.

#41 Posted by Jack_Lafayette (3812 posts) -

@jakob187: My perfectionist compulsion to skin every single mother-fucking animal I killed in that game drove me to the brink of sanity because of the forced cut-scene. I can't even comprehend focusing on it exclusively.

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