Flowchart Video - How To Guild Wars 2: The Economy

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Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/SoundStrategyNetwork

Website: http://www.talesoftyria.com/

even though Arena Net promised from the beginning to only give the advantage of buy power for aesthetics we have seen previous mmos under the publishing of NCsoft turn into buy to win video games. as time goes on how will the influence of NCsoft west effect what Arena Net puts into the gem store. hopefully NCsoft west won't effect the shop in GW2 the way NCsoft east has for others. i have also heard there are people higher up in NCsoft west that had previously worked in Arena Net so i guess this provides them a better grasp on micro transactions.

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Dude - you have to deliver some context (write what it's about, and some toughts of your own) , or this thread will be subject to locking. Youtube spam. Thx for linking all the cool vids nonetheless.

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