Game crashing..

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Hey all, I decided to bring my problem here (since response from the gw2 suppport team is... ummm... slow) in hopes of someone maybe having a solution.

When I click play from the game launcher, my monitor flickers about five or six times and then the game crashes. It never loads anything, it's just gone. I've done a clean reinstall on my drivers ( I have a geforce 560) and also tried some beta drivers recommended by the gw site. I've tried a repair shortcut and update shortcut, both with no luck, and then resorted to a complete reinstall and gotten nowhere.

Any ideas or theories on what this could possibly be? I'm not the most advanced PC user so it's possible i'm missing something simple.

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Have you tried turning it off and back on again. (I would assume you did since you re-installed drivers and that should have forced a reboot)

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I too saw a notice to use a BETA Nvidia driver, as there was known problems with my previous driver. After I installed the BETA driver, I started to get the flicker when launching the game, and also random crashes when using waypoints. What's interesting is I never experienced the flicker or a single crash with the older driver they said was problematic. I'm contemplating rolling back to my older driver tonight to see how that works.

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I can't start my game up with MSI Afterburner running. I need to close MSI, run the game and then open up MSI whilst playing. I suspect this is because I try to lock my framerate to 60fps through MSI and the game just doesn't like it. So if you've got anything like that running, may be worth closing it and seeing if the game will boot then.

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Yep I tried with the normal drivers, even did a clean install of the normal drivers prior to trying the beta ones. It's a little frustrating to say the least.

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I find when things just don't run right and you have no clue why a virus scan sometimes helps. Malware Bytes is my personal favorite for removing things. Give that a try if you haven't.

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@SamStrife: I'm not running anything like that, but it's a good thought.

@jesterroyal: Good idea. I'll give it a shot and see what happens.

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I have a GTX 560 Ti and pretty old drivers and I've had no problems so far. You could try my drivers: if everything else fails.

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