Giant Bomb Guild

#1501 Posted by Jokker (1 posts) -

Looking for invite.

Dirtyword in game

tag= Jokker.9806

#1502 Posted by TEAMHOLT (438 posts) -

My PC is dead and won't be back on for a bit,which is why my sorry ass hasn't logged in for a while.

#1503 Posted by Veektarius (5067 posts) -

Please invite me - igloo.3419. I used to be a member but went inactive (Laremy)

#1504 Posted by Mykander (15 posts) -

I'm in the same boat as Veektarius, I was in the overflow guild but left when I logged in and saw the note about it not being needed (I suppose I probably should have swapped my position, but I figured it would be easier to leave and post here). I'm done with classes, burned out with WoW, and looking to get back into GW2.

ID = Mykander.6523

#1505 Posted by pay928 (26 posts) -

Wife and I looking for invites. Joined forums after listening to Lincolncast, been on Yak's Bend since day 1. In Foo for WvW but looking to do more non-WvW events:

Hazard - Pay.8713

Callynna - Callynna.2401


#1506 Posted by Acara (5 posts) -

Hey guys, I was a member of the guild, but left when I switched servers to play with friends. I'm back on Yak's and hoping to get re invited to the guild.


Thank you!

#1507 Posted by sysy (1 posts) -

can i get an invite, my user is Sysy.4135 :) thanks!!!

#1508 Posted by Tandy (1 posts) -

I would like an invite. My username is Tandy.4781 Thanks :)

#1509 Posted by TheeGravedigger (106 posts) -

I was in the guild for a while, stopped playing because of a busy semester, and now I'm back.


#1510 Edited by No0b0rAmA (1478 posts) -

@TheeGravedigger: Invite sent!

@Jokker: @Tandy: @sysy: @Acara: @pay928: @Mykander: @Veektarius: You guys probably know this already, but just in case, invites have been sent

#1511 Edited by wuefuwefbiwefi (65 posts) -


#1512 Posted by ArcadeHero (71 posts) -

Just picked up the game and looking for some duders to play with.


#1513 Edited by alanm26v5 (472 posts) -

I just got this game, but Yaks Bend was full. Hoping I can transfer there at some point.


EDIT: made it over to the server finally, would love an invite to the guild!

#1514 Posted by akiman89 (81 posts) -

Can I get an invite Akiman.9781

#1515 Posted by th3sos (2 posts) -

Just got the game a week ago and am loving it so far. Can I get a guild invite?


#1516 Posted by Shofixti (146 posts) -

I'd also love a Guild Invite!


#1517 Posted by SoulTaker (134 posts) -

Can I get an invite?


#1518 Posted by kaetana (1 posts) -

I would like an invite please. :)

Kaetana.3542 aka Zana Venris

#1519 Posted by Synful303 (15 posts) -

Just picked this up and would love a guild invite!


#1520 Posted by bchampnd (108 posts) -

Just picked this up today. Looking to join the guild.


#1521 Posted by Doylepoints (1 posts) -

Hey guys can I get an invite? I'm cool I swear :l


#1522 Posted by TrueMagnum (7 posts) -

Im currently in the guild, though my friend would like in:


#1523 Posted by OddProdigy (1 posts) -

Hello all. I've been playing on yak's bend for a little while now. Just wanted to say hello, and when my new computer is assembled I'm sure I'll see you all in Wubwub.

#1524 Posted by Mitch0712 (502 posts) -

Can someone invite me to the guild?

player name is Mitchl

#1525 Posted by Butano (1805 posts) -

Picked the game up about 2 weeks ago. Would love to play with some duders. Was able to transfer my Necro Norn over to Yak's Bend today.


#1526 Posted by Jack_Lafayette (3562 posts) -

@Shofixti: @Synful303: @bchampnd: @Doylepoints: @TrueMagnum: @Butano: All invited! You'll be placed in the probational rank, and bumped up if an officer notices your activity. I noticed some of you have low post counts, so if you're new to Giant Bomb be sure to have a look around the site. Active community members are more likely to be made full guildies.

@Mitch0712: I'm unable to invite you without the whole account name. Open your contacts panel in-game, and use the name that's up top (four-digit code included).

@OddProdigy: Looking forward to it. As I said to the others, get to know Giant Bomb over the interim so that you'll be familiar with more duders when you're let in the guild.

#1527 Posted by The_Laughing_Man (13629 posts) -

If I was sure my laptop could run this game is join ya guys. But until I know if it can I am not gonna buy the game.

#1528 Posted by StickShifter05 (44 posts) -

I just transferred to Yak's bend also, to join the guild. Can you invite me? It is joe.7261 and my player name is Garuda Java

#1529 Posted by nutta27 (199 posts) -

I own this game but I have never actually played it. I should really give it a shot. Yaks Bend is the server you say? I'll take a look into it tomorrow.

#1530 Edited by Mitch0712 (502 posts) -

@Dark_Lord_Spam: Mitch.4502 is my name. I'm online now

#1531 Edited by Skimmilk187 (1 posts) -

Need Guild invite! Thanks :) RoachClip.6910

#1532 Posted by Linkster7 (1061 posts) -

Hey, Linkster.7296 here! Would be awfully nice to join you fine bunch of duders in some idle guild chat.

#1533 Edited by Jack_Lafayette (3562 posts) -

@Skimmilk187: @Linkster7: Added. Welcome to the guild!

#1534 Posted by RekIvan (18 posts) -

Would also like an invite - been playing on a european server for ages but finally got round to moving to Yaks Bend, to join LF. Rek.4360.

Cheers in advance and speak soon fellas.

#1535 Posted by FatalFlener (1 posts) -

Hey there, coming back to game and moving to the server. Haven't played in awhile but still listen to and love the podcast.

Could someone send me a guild invite?

Name is Flener.7408


#1536 Edited by TheFreepie (82 posts) -

I transferred to Yak's Bend to join the guild, I wanna get back into GW2 (owned it since release). Also, I'm new to Giant Bomb but I've listened to the Lincoln cast for a while

Name is TheFreepie.1083

#1537 Posted by demontrace (84 posts) -

I would like to be invited into this guild. Didn't even know there was a Giantbomb guild till I started looking for a different server to play on. I love this site, and would love to be part of a guild that represents my favorite videogaming website!

#1538 Posted by thebatmobile (983 posts) -

Add me to the guild please! greatskybear.2480

I just transferred to this server to be with my duders from Giantbomb.

#1539 Posted by Jack_Lafayette (3562 posts) -
@RekIvan@FatalFlener@thebatmobile: You've all been added! 
@demontrace: We'd love to have you, just be sure to post your account name (from the top of your Contacts panel) so we're able to send an invite.
#1540 Posted by Hugh_Jazz (371 posts) -

The death-knell of my current guild have been sounded, and I've switched over to the US and Yak's Bend in the nick of time. Could I get an invite the guildsies?

Hugh Jazz.2463 is my handle.

#1541 Edited by kid_gloves (145 posts) -

Getting back into the game for the January update. Would love to be in the guild. I was in it before, but must have been pruned out a while back...


#1542 Posted by bunnymud (716 posts) -

I moved in the past few weeks so I haven't been on as much as I would like. That and Ni No Kuni and devoured me. Just letting you know that I will be back and "Don't kick me, bro"

#1543 Posted by Bobby_The_Great (1018 posts) -

I'd like to get into Guild Wars 2 and join the guild (considering the update coming). How do I go about doing that? I have a level 30 warrior already, but I've kind of just been aimlessly wandering.

#1544 Posted by legion_ai (4 posts) -

I kinda stopped playing a while back, and was removed from the guild; but I'm back now, and I really would like to get back in.


#1545 Posted by Jack_Lafayette (3562 posts) -
@Hugh_Jazz@kid_gloves@legion_ai: Welcome, duders!
@Bobby_The_Great said:

I'd like to get into Guild Wars 2 and join the guild (considering the update coming). How do I go about doing that? I have a level 30 warrior already, but I've kind of just been aimlessly wandering.

If your home server is already Yak's Bend, you just have to post your GW2 account name and someone will add you. If you didn't transfer over to Yak's before the Jan. 28th update, though, you'll need to pay a fee to move your account so that you can play with the rest of the guild.
#1546 Posted by mursie (1 posts) -

Hey all,

I'm a huge fan of the podcast and recently found your mumble address after much idleness in an apparently old mumble. Sent an email to the lincolncast with a lengthy bio about myself. I plan to transfer to Yak's Bend soon and would love to join the LincolnForce.

I mainly do sPvP but I definitely do all facets of the game. PvE and WvW are interests. My only 80 is my main asura thief. I've played the ele and mesmer a decent bit in sPvP.

Account name is Mursie

In-game name is Mursie

Look forward to seeing you guys in game

#1547 Posted by Thurbleton (127 posts) -

Got a weird bug while inviting someone that said the max invites was reached so had to clear all the pending invites. So if you haven't gotten in the guild yet and want to join repost here.

#1548 Posted by Korosuzo (181 posts) -

I would love an invite.

Account Name : Korosuzo.2786

Mesmer Character Name : Arc Brianan

#1549 Posted by MattyFTM (14441 posts) -

Just got the game. I'm MattyFTM.4956, and I'm on the Yak's Bend server.

#1550 Posted by frsty13 (82 posts) -

Looks like I was dropped from the guild after being inactive for a bit. I'd definitely like back in if there's room.

Account Name: andorhal.8420

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