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Ok first things first. This thread is being remade mainly due to sir robbiemac being a lazy bum and not updating the original thread for a game he isn't playing constantly anymore. I mean honestly! (Joking aside, the original's pretty outdated and don't want to impress on robbie to constantly update something hes not 100% into)

As such some things that are updated are the mumble info, officers, and what you should do to join Lincoln Force. Also I plan on updating this to be as complete as can be along with getting the stickies swapped soon-ish.

The Official Giant Bomb Guild - Lincoln Force

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These classy gents are either big in the community or officers in the guild helping to manage things, feel free to ask them stuff via the forums or in game mail!

Forum NameIn Game Name
@selfconfessedcynicHuman Warrior
@robbiemacRobbie Mac.6723
@no0b0ramaThe Main Character
@raiosRaios Deschain.8461
@celegorm_menegrothMoonlit Wind

(Anyone with missing spots or who doesn't want to me on this list message me.)

What you can expect from us:

  • We have an active presence.
  • We have reasonable rules and enforce them to the best of our ability.
  • We strive to be fair and evenhanded.
  • We are approachable - we aren't gods, and don't expect to be treated as such. (If you think I'm a jerk, tell me so.)
  • We are open to suggestions and criticism. (Important!)

Your Rights:

  • You can call us down at any time. If you think one of us isn't right for the position, and others agree with you, so be it.
  • You can hold us accountable for our actions.
  • You can talk smack about us at any time. Go ahead, shout "YOU'RE A BIG FAT NINNY", and e-pinch me in the face. We wont ban you for something like that, so feel free (within reason, of course).


The GW2 Mumble Server

We do not enforce being on mumble but it is fully encouraged. As of the time of this posting most of the active officers can be found on mumble and there is usually someone on even if they aren't playing Guild Wars 2.

To anyone who doesn't know, mumble is a client free open-source VOIP program. In layman's terms it lets us talk with each other as if we're in the same room. Don't have a microphone, no problem! You can either talk to us through in-game chat or with mumbles Text-to-Speech option.

STEPS for getting on the GW2 Mumble Server.

  1. Download the Mumble client here and install it.
  2. (If you have a Mic) Run the Audio Wizard to calibrate your input.
  3. Open the program and under Server -> Connect choose to Add New
  4. Label: Giant Bomb - GW2
  5. Address:
  6. Port: 54788
  7. Username: <YourNameHere>

Click OK and then Connect. If you get prompted for a certificate failure, just click Yes. You will now be able to connect!


Server (in short - Yaks Bend)

We are based on Yaks Bend but with the addition of guesting to the game and paid server transfers we are more lax about this. The benefit of playing on Yaks Bend would be you could join in on guild WvW events when they happen.

Yaks Bend is a North American server and folks who are in Australia, Europe, or somewhere else have said that connection rates are pretty acceptable.


The Lincolncast

No Caption Provided

If you didn't know we have our own podcast that is hosted weekly by @selfconfessedcynic, @no0b0rama, @dourin, @thurbleton, along with some gents appearing like @shinboy630 and @raios.

When there's Guild Wars 2 topics to talk about we'll post it as 'The LincolnCast'. However, we will always talk about things we've done or current events in the gaming scene. Sometimes that will be ALL we'll talk about and those we post up as 'Scotchcasts'.

You can find both of them through one of these links.

We curse a lot and talk over each other but we also talk in depth about the gaming industry and changes to guild wars 2. Some episodes will reference events from as well as an episode as our top 5 videos to introduce someone to Giant Bomb! If you enjoy the podcast let us know!

Twitter -> @TheLincolncast

E-mail ->


Joining Lincoln Force

Ok, so you've made it this far well done! Lincoln Force is the Giant Bomb's community guild for GW2. As the current steward of the guild that statement is how I manage the guild. If you are a seasoned Bomber and want to join then just post in this thread your player id name (<name>.1234) and you should receive an invite in a few days. However, we get people who have heard of us from Yaks Bend or from our podcast and would like to join. We'd love to have you but first you have to get to know our community and we have to know you. In short, if you join the forums then 20 seconds later make your first post in this thread just posting your id name to join then well don't expect an invite.

What you can do is look for any other games you enjoy and contributing to the forums, or even in this corner of forums make a post about an change in Guild Wars you'd want to talk about or chime in on others threads about stuff with this game. If your seasoned with Giant Bomb but new to the forums then just add something to you post in this thread talking about your favorite Quick Look or moment on the podcast, ours or the giant bombcast (which you should totally check out). Bonus points if you add turkey turkey turkey to your post to show you've read all this stuff.

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Oh hey, a new thread for the guild. I suppose this was probably necessary considering that the last was rapidly becoming out of date and none of us could update it in any meaningful way. You are an active enough presence to keep this thing current. I aim to get back into things when I have spare moments, but school (and Dota 2).

Anyway, I'll probably hop on today and see what has changed during my hiatus, at least long enough to finish this sandwich. I mean seriously, I read this thread and all I can think of is turkey turkey turkey, and don't have the slightest clue why. It's alright though, this stuff is mesquite which must be French for "delicious".

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Shouldn't this be in the Guild Wars 2 forums?

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I created new topic while in the GW2 subforum and when I posted and looked over it was in there but is somehow here now. I've sent a few mods requests to get sticky changed and help explain if theres some way I can fix it.

Sorry for any confusion lads

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So, I found that bow Shinboy posted in the chat a few days ago. The feather one. This one?

No Caption Provided

It's the same skin Swift Arrow uses for his bow. Sorry if this is old news. Don't beat me.

No Caption Provided

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@sharpshotapollo: Sorry, but it is old news. I knew that NPC had it, which leads me to believe that, while the model obviously exists in-game, we won't see if available in PvE until the inevitable expansion that adds Tengu as a playable race. Maybe as a cultural weapon or something, who knows.

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@shinboy630: I have yet to buy character slots, but the second Tengu are playable, I will throw my money at ArenaNet.

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I was wondering if I could join the guild? I'm friends with SharpShotApollo. I'm panditty.4379 :D

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Just started playing GW2 again. Please send me an invite: Jeffsekai.4380 thanks! :D

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#10 Posted by SharpShotApollo (164 posts) -

@panditty said:

I was wondering if I could join the guild? I'm friends with SharpShotApollo. I'm panditty.4379 :D

I can vouch for her. She's cool. :D

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#11 Posted by Jeffsekai (7159 posts) -

Anyone on right now who can hang out an invite?

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#12 Posted by Itwongo (1735 posts) -

Just bought the game, looking for a crew to roll with. I'm more of a lurker on the forums, but I've been visiting the site almost daily for about a year and a half now, and I've listened the the Bombcast even longer. I miss the Nintendo downloads segment :(

I'm Itwongo.1206

oh, and turkey turkey turkey

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#13 Posted by Capum15 (5672 posts) -

Hmm. I'd like to put my name up for an invite; it'd be nice to have duders to play along with. It's a fine game alone, but instantly better with someone to talk to.

I recall trying to get in on the beta but never got it, and a few friends started up a mini guild so I went with that, but they don't play much anymore.

Capum.2958 is the account name. And I like turkey turkey turkey sandwiches.

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I just purchased and would like to join up. Uhtred.7263 How is the thief class in GW2?

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Hey guys, can I get an invite? Pascual.4123

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#16 Posted by Thurbleton (178 posts) -

@matt: for the man who played Halo for over 24 hours for charity, INVITE SENT

also Uhtred sent as well

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Kickass thread Thurbs. Couldn't have done better myself.

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#18 Posted by Jazz_Lafayette (3897 posts) -

@thurbleton: Yo, Thurb. I left a message with my GW2 account name in your profile comments. You seemed pretty confused about who I was in the TA dungeon run. :P

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How active is the guild? I just bought the game and joined another world but I would be willing to change server if I can get a good guild experience on another server.

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#20 Posted by jesterroyal (393 posts) -

There's usually people online. Often in the mumble channel. Some people don't venture in there but its pretty active and we used to do weekly events before WvW became just a hassle. We might try to get back on the that train once guild missions come out. Who knows! but it has a nice core of fairly active players.

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@triple07: The guild has been fairly quiet lately, but with the play-as-you-like nature of the game the active roster fills up for major updates and special events. The core active people in the guild all hang out on the guild mumble (even when we're not playing GW2), so if you want people to listen to and chat/hang out with as you level, join the mumble craziness! Caution: Your sanity and sobriety is not guaranteed to remain during karaoke nights.

If you want help while leveling, class/build advice, nonsense talk about games (or just nonsense talk in general), dungeon partners, just hop on the mumble and say hi!

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#22 Posted by RandomHero666 (3184 posts) -

I'd like in please, in a guild currently that me and a few giantbomb friends made when the game came out, want more active duders to do stuff with, and dungeon partners etc

Name: Fuzzy Pug.8936
Seal of authenticity: turkey turkey turkey

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#23 Posted by cojack426 (29 posts) -

Hey duders, just got into Guild Wars 2 and would love a guild to play with and chat about giantbomb with as well.

Favorite GB Moment: #TeamBrad

Name: Kit Ramsey.3801

Oh and turkey turkey turkey. :)

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#25 Posted by RandomHero666 (3184 posts) -

@dark_lord_spam: thanks :D
Should be on a little later today, hopefully get to meet some of you guys

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#26 Posted by xyzygy (10595 posts) -

I'm thinking about joining this. I got the game about 3 weeks ago and have been going tight out. I have a level 53 Asura Engineer and a 7 Sylvari Necromancer.

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#27 Posted by zombiellama (4 posts) -

Hey long time Bombcast listener and compulsive quick look watcher here, not as active on the site though. Just picked up GW2 and looking for people to play with.

Fav GB moment: hmmm maybe the bat, knife conundrum (I'm on team bat)

name: zombiellama.2839

Oh and turkey turkey turkey of course.

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#28 Posted by xyzygy (10595 posts) -

Ah, just realising that you guys are on a completely different sever than me. Guess I won't be joining :(

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#29 Posted by Cameron (849 posts) -

My game id is cfenton.4369. I'm on Yaks Bend. I'm new to the game, but I'm enjoying it so far.

turkey turkey turkey

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Updated the officers list on the main post so folks can message almost everyone if they are in a pinch as well as sent invites for @Cameron and @zombiellama

@xyzygy: We have people who are in the guild and not on Yaks Bend. With guesting now in effect its easier then ever to just hop servers and join us for a dungeon, spvp night, or pve stuff like a guild mission.

If myself or another officer like moonlit start doing WvW events those are the only things you wouldn't be able to join in on. So in short if you like the game and our community your welcome to join and stay on your own server.

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#31 Posted by xyzygy (10595 posts) -

@thurbleton: OK great, that sounds awesome. Could you send me an invite? :)

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#32 Posted by The_Grindilow (484 posts) -

I just picked this up today, been leveling up very slowly but definately up for this, I shall get back to you lot with my username as I don't have it to hand right now duders.

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#33 Posted by ConfusedOwl (1160 posts) -

I haven't been playing as much lately. Guess I managed to burn myself out already, been playing since release and still haven't reached max level somehow.

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#34 Posted by Thurbleton (178 posts) -

No rush @The_Grindilow, that stinks @Ezakael the game definitely seems to be designed for taking breaks and joining during big updates so if you ever get back into it post for an invite and join us on mumble!

And sure, @xyzygy just need a character name or account name still >.>

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#35 Posted by NickL (2267 posts) -

I was having a lot of fun with this game then burnt myself out by systematically clearing zones... maybe now is the right time to join back in!

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#36 Posted by xyzygy (10595 posts) -

@thurbleton: oh man haha I'm such a dink. My username is Tchock.1743

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I just got back into this game. A fresh invite would be pretty neat, I'm Governor.2143

Right now I'm repping the CBSi clan which seems to be completely dead =(

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#38 Posted by CrazyBagMan (1195 posts) -

I was in the guild when the game launched but have been away for a while. I'd like to get into the guild again since I'm getting back into the game. Thanks


turkey turkey turkey

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Please letith me joining thine guild? Gerbil Warfare .5643

also triple turkey

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#40 Posted by WindFall259 (398 posts) -


See you guys in game.

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I'd like to join the guild. Username oxbear.7698. Obviously, I'm not an active forum user, but have really enjoyed the GW2 forum and Lincolncast. What hooked me to giant bomb was the "Balls of Sadness" Duke Nukem discussion and the Dong Dong Never Die Quick Look. Also turkey x3.

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Ok, sent out some more invites.

@gerbilwarfare Your post history is just for getting in the guild and while you posted the turkey turkey turkey hint I'm holding off on an invite till I feel your part of the community. Just post a story of your favorite GB moment or stuff about the podcast.

We occasionally get people from in-game who just want to join the guild for the sake of being in 5 guilds at once or some nonsense. So just trying to make sure we dont hit the 500 cap and have 200 with people who dont give a toss about Giant Bomb

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The quick look of thundercats, amazing because it was terrible. the game mind you not the quick look itself, Vinny and Ryan some of my favorite bombcasters.

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ossu, i would also like to join up: voidox.2719

didn't get around to joining the guild earlier cause of uni :/

anyways, guess ur looking for 'proof' or w/e... so, ok, first off, I am NOT active on the forums, I lurk around but haven't ever really gotten into posting on the forums but I have been a GB member since it first began way back in 08 and hell, I've been watching/listening to Jeff since his days way back on Gamespot.

As for highlights, well there's just freaking way too much from streams, bombcast, vids, guests and so on.... but I guess I'll go for some specifics from past years: "I'm a wizard... and that looks fucked up." From the P4 endurance run, the moment when they find Morooka dead, Jeff and Vinny's reactions were PERFECT XD oh, and Chie is the ONLY girl for Charlie. BUFU~ Jeff creep cam, nuff said. PAX panels since the first one back in 09, one highlight being Jeff's explanation of ads on the site xD Fortune Street TNT a top 5. And remember kids, Giantbomb will always be the true wikipedia, they have the best panel of EXPERTS ;3 tang~

but ya, I could go on forever xP so I'll leave highlights to just those few past stuff~

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#45 Posted by Thurbleton (178 posts) -

@voidox Early on in the release of the game we hit 500 cap and had ~200 people that wanted in still and very quickly had many inactive people. So after some house cleaning we were able to get the people actively playing the game AND part of the GB community in one big guild. The 'proof' is just one of the officers way of ensuring we dont quickly fill up to cap again and have GB guys being unable to join.

PS, updated invites.

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#46 Posted by voidox (38 posts) -

@voidox Early on in the release of the game we hit 500 cap and had ~200 people that wanted in still and very quickly had many inactive people. So after some house cleaning we were able to get the people actively playing the game AND part of the GB community in one big guild. The 'proof' is just one of the officers way of ensuring we dont quickly fill up to cap again and have GB guys being unable to join.

PS, updated invites.

that's alright, don't mind the proof... didn't mean anything by it :]

ty for invite ^^

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#47 Posted by JoshS (439 posts) -

Not on that server, but might transfer soon. Will guest for now. RestingCoder.1764

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#48 Posted by ConfusedOwl (1160 posts) -

Past two days now I've been experiencing massive lag so I can barely do anything in game. My internet connection must be really bad or something because I've never had this much lag in any game before.

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lvl 37 guardian atm. looking forward to playing some giant bomb peeps.

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username: Foibles.3540

Hello fellow Guild Wars 2 players! I was in the guild towards the launch of the game but life got a grip on me and left me unable to play for a decent stretch of time. It's been a while but I've gotten some time to play back and, if there are any spots open, would love to be a part of the guild again.


The only other time I've posted on the forums here, sadly, is my initial post in the original guild thread asking for an invite... So to make up for it: my favorite GiantBomb moment in recent memory has got to be the Trenche- I mean Iron Brigade Quick Look with Mr. Brad Muir and the revelation that is analog saluting. Don't get me wrong, Two-handed saluting is pretty awesome, but it would not be possible without one-handed-saluting technology.


Hope to play with you guys soon!


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